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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You can read a child from their drawings

This is a recent drawing my girl drew of her daddy. He is wearing a tie, his specs and driving home from work. (According to her that is). The rectangle thing on the left is a tall building. (because we used to live in one). She drew one of me too (with the curly mermaid hair) and we (she and I) had a good laugh about it but I misplaced it so I can't post it. :(

You can tell a child from their drawings. Their "artwork" are very nice and interesting to keep as keepsakes. Its a good thing that I have a blog to keep them. Otherwise, my house will be full of clutter. Haha. At the moment, my boy just draws circles, so I'll post his drawings later when they make more sense. Lol!

For now, my girl's drawings usually consist of her family, her house and car and usually we all wear happy faces. Hehe. Thats a good sign, I suppose. Sometimes she adds in some scenery like flowers or a road, clouds, sun or rain.

Apart from drawing's I can also tell if she's unhappy or otherwise when she pretends to read. After a scolding, her "stories" would contain sentences like "and her mummy said go away! and she cried and cried (making sobbing sounds) ......" etc. Thats when I know I have to tone down the scoldings.


  1. I'm a third grade teacher in my non mommy life and I know all about kid art and kid drama... I cant wait till my girls start both (well maybe not the drama)

  2. paula,
    You won't know whether to laugh or to cry at their drama. :)


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