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Friday, May 11, 2007

Little White Lies

My Girl: Mummy, can you play the train set with us?

MG: *absent mindedly* Hmmmm? Ah Ok.

My Girl: Mummy can you play with us now?

MG: No, no. I'm busy now. Later.

My Girl: Afterwards?

MG: Yes, yes.

My Girl: Later is afterwards?

MG: Yes, yes. Afterwards.


MG: Come on children. Its time to brush your teeth and change into your pyjamas.

My Girl: Mummy, I want to play. You said you will play with us....

MG: Uhh... its late now. Its time to sleep. We'll play tomorrow.


The process repeats itself for different requests to play different toys or read different books.

Aahhhhhh I feel so guilty! I wonder if any other mum out there is guilty of this or is it just me? I feel like I'm giving such a bad example to my kids. I try to fulfill my promises but quite often the scenario above happens. What am I teaching my kids? That its okay to say something and not mean it? Help! I must overcome this bad habit! Can anyone tell me how to handle this? I feel bad when I tell them "Go and play by yourself for a while, mummy is busy." but telling them "I'll play with you afterwards." but not being able to do so doesn't seem right either. Sigh!


  1. You are not alone. I guess what we can learn from this is that we should at the very least, honour our words with our kids. It builds their trust in us, and of course, helps the bonding process at the same time.

    Thanks for the timely reminder through this post.

  2. exactly the same answer I entertained my children...and the tomorrow never comes...haha ..

  3. So far I tried to fulfil their wish if possible, if really not free, I'll get hubby to entertain them.

    Kids have goog memory, they will remember what we had said. So, no empty promise to them ya!

  4. pablopabla,
    Not glad to know I am not alone.

    We are showing them a bad example.

    Wah.. thats really good of you. I find it hard to fulfil their wishes when theres a wish every few minutes of the day. Lol!

  5. i always see my sis telling white lies in front of my niece. One day, my niece did the same and my sis shouted at her. I told my sis " You know where she learn it from?"

    I guess its hard for us mommies to tell the truth sometimes and hard for us to lie sometimes.

    What am i talking about? Sigh..Blur edi

  6. Give me five!!!But try my best to let fulfil their wish,like if tonite really cant let them do reading i try on next day afternoon to do with them. They will remember what we did, sometime i really forgot what i promise..i let my son keep remind me. If both of us also forgot then i didnt tell lie to him..keke.
    If i really no time i also ask 1+2dad to help.

  7. sasha,
    Why so blur? Haha.

    Yes, I do try to fulfil my promise but it usually gets fulfilled a few days later. Hahaha. But they will remember it!

  8. haha u are not the only one...

  9. well, i remember hating it when my mum makes empty promises. not trying to make u feel guilty though. i'm a mum myself, and i get so tired trying to fulfil the boy's neverending requests as well. i guess it's all worthed it becos at least when he learns to talk back, i can safely tell him i've kept all my promises to him, and he shld learn to do the same for me.

  10. jazzmint,
    Hehe. We are all bad parents!

    When he learns to talk back. Hmmm how old is your boy?


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