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Friday, May 25, 2007

Top 5 Reasons Not To Eat

Here are the top 5 reasons my kids give for not eating their food.

  1. The food is too hot.

  2. The food is too cold.

  3. The food has something dirty in it. (Translates: Something chewable or something new)

  4. I don't want to eat the green and orange.

  5. I'm full. (Have not started eating or can gobble up something else that they like in an instant after that expression.)

And here is my reply to any of the above.



  1. Hahah...what a funny post! Hmmm...why kids hate GREENS hah? Brae is starting to spit out the green stuff...*slap forehead*

  2. When my kids were your kids' age, I had the same problems (more so my son). My doctor advised me not to force feed my son, so I stopped.
    He said that when a child is hungry he will ask for food as long as we don't give him snacks like chips, biscuits, chocs in between.

    Since then, he would slowly ask to eat this and that though quite a fussy eater to start with.

    My daughter would never touch her greens, salads but prefers meat.

    Now, both of them would eat salads, vegies, any food but my daughter will not touch lemon cake and banana cake. :)

  3. I used to get very stress out with their picky habit, now I just mellow, it's ok for me now if they don't want to eat the food I cook instead of asking for bread and cakes after I have cooked for them, so I made French toast only la for certain lunch meal..save the trouble. :p

    But I do notice a change in JS after I started letting her stay back for longer hour in school 3 times a week. She comes home and wallop all the food I cooked even vege, and became less picky. She appreciate my cooking more and said " school food not nice (though I pay RM2 per day for the food), mummy cook nicer. "

    So I believe the pickiness is just a phase that they will get over in a matter of time.

  4. eh mine cannot complain...yet. But still i told him "EAT!"

    Now i gotto shout at my 2 babies "DRINK WATER!"

  5. Hahaha.. what a cute pic! Seems like I say the word EAT a lot everyday unless it's junk food, then no need to say anything also finish all!! : )

  6. hahaha...u are sure one strict mom...then how the kid's reaction, got anymore reasons?

  7. Yes, children's version of "I'm full" isn't the same as ours. Also their version of "I'm hungry" is not what we think it to be. For example, "Mommy, I'm hungry. I want to eat sweet." Sigh!

  8. Hey.. MG,
    My brat is the same way..! i kinda not pushed too hard.. and find alternative food.. to supplement those she doesn't eat.. to give her a well-balanced meal. She may not eat vegies this meal.. so i give her more fruits.. in between.. to supplement..coz' i donch wanna have to fight with her .. every meal.. ;)

  9. babykhong,
    Mine are still spitting and they're 3 and 5!

    I never ate my greens too till I was an adult so I don't expect them to. I give them fruits instead.

    The just a matter of time is taking a looooonnng time. Hahaha.

    My boy hates to drink water but ever since I told him if you drink water, when you go to pansai, all you need to do is mmmm and pong (the sai will come out lah) instead of mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm (cannot come out). Well since then, he drinks water happily. Lol!

    Yes, junk food especially chips don't need any invitation. They get gobbled up.

    The boy usually eats well, the girl needs further enticement....in the form of dessert. eg.. when you finish this you can have your dessert otherwise baby will eat up all your dessert. Muahahahah.

    Haha. We must learn to understand their language.

    I guess the harder we push the worse it becomes yah?


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