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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When will my birthday start?

It was my little girl's 5th birthday. Her daddy had taken a day off to spend some time with her. (He doesn't do this on my birthday. Lol!) Since he was not working that day we took the opportunity to use some of that precious time to run some errands. (Yunno those kind that takes a lot of waiting, to the bank, gomen offices etc?)

And so thats what we did........the whole morning. By noon, my little girl looked at me and asked ....... "Are we going to another bank mummy? When will my birthday start?"

Hahaha. Eventuallly her birthday "started" at about 2.00pm. We had ordered the cake earlier and told the girl at the shop that we would collect it at 12.00pm. We finally collected it at 2.00pm. My girl was so happy! ........ From the time we collected the cake....... Because her birthday had started at last!

She had chosen the cake herself. She wanted a heart shaped cake, she said. It had to be a chocolate cake. Then she selected a picture of Hello Kitty for the decoration. It was a real fun activity, choosing the cake..... and seeing the end results. She was delighted.

Happy Birthday sweetie pie. Mummy loves you very very much!


  1. Happy Birthday little girl! Your BD very close to Wien ya!

  2. Jesslyn,
    There's lots of May birthdays.

  3. haha ur girl so cute...happy bday ;)

  4. Happy Birthday to your gal. With my kids, the question of birthday is a whole year affair.

  5. Happy Birthday, Girl Girl!

  6. lian,
    Haha. Thats true and if you have more there'll be even more birthdays in a year to celebrate. Isn't that fun?

    jazzmint, vien,
    Thans for your wishes. Kesian her hor, her bad parents took her birthday as an opportunity to run errands! Hehe.

  7. These just brought good old memories about my birthday celebrations when I was a little girl. I would pick my own cake and decide on the design.

    Well, you must be wondering why I didn't mention about my kids' birthdays. We don't celebrate with cakes anymore. If anything, it would be a sugarless non-yummy cake. ;)

  8. Happy Birthday!!

    Oh, ur girl and mine are so much alike...the heart shape, chocolate & Hello Kitty!! Guess it's the age factor??

  9. Hey MG, remember me from Raising Girls? well..I moved my blog. I know, people want more readers right? I was running away coz it took too much time returning visits. So I started a quiet place in blogspot! haha... Anyway, Happy Birthday to your litle girl! my little girl turns 5 today! so I suppose they were born just days apart eh! Take care!

  10. Happy belated birthday.. to your lil' gal.. ;) May she always be happy..;)

  11. earthember,
    Hahaha. You are healthy eaters. Thats good!

    Yes, it must be the age factor.

    Of course I remember you. Happy Birthday to your girl too. Haha I'm laughing thinking about how we both must have been huffing and puffing at the hospital giving birth to our girls two days apart 5 years ago.

    Thats my dearest wish for her to.....to always be happy. Thank you.

  12. So cute of her to ask when her birthday will start. Looks like she does not take running errands a.k.a as part of birthday activities.


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