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School Holiday Programme December 2018

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things I don't like to see as a parent

I want to rant a little bit about some things that I don't like to see as a parent.

Maid and Baby

Recently while I was at the Pasar Malam (night market), I saw this young maid (she looked not over 20) carrying a young girl (less than a year old) snugly on her chest in a comfy sarong sling. Beside them was the young girl's mother buying food. The mother kept on trying to talk and play with the girl but the girl just turned her face away from the mother and snuggled her face deeper into the maid's chest.

I hate this scene but I see it quite often (maids carrying their employer's babies in a baby sling) and I want to shout out.


To the mother buying food at the pasar malam, I just do not understand why she can't carry her own baby and let the maid carry the food! Now, she is not going to get any symphathy from me if she complains to me that her child prefers her maid to her. Of course lah!! I know its hard to buy things at the crowded pasar malam, and try to pay and juggle the baby and money and food but thats what the maid accompanying you can help you to do and thats how a baby sling will help to free your hands. *Shakes head* Don't understand and even feel a bit annoyed and angry to see it, not that its any of my business.

Heavy Schoolbags

I saw kids running out of a tuition centre and their shoolbags look so extremely heavy like they were going on a 2-3 day trip or something. Its just so awful to see those little girls and boys carry the heavy bags over their shoulders. I just can't imagine what that weight is doing to growing shoulders and frames.

Tuition, tuition and more tuition

This is related to the above rant. I saw a young girl doing her homework (still in her school uniform) in the late evening at a centre and attending a music class right after that. Ok. So now I can see why some of their schoolbags are so heavy. School books, tuition workbooks, music books all stuffed in there and they don't even get to go home to have a bath after school. They only get to go home at night after attending this class and that.

Is it necessary for a child to go through all that paper chase to make sure that they catch up in school or is it because the parents are too busy to fetch them home till after work so its more "convenient" to let them go to tuition straight after school and music/dance or whatever classes right after that. They go home at night after all the classes are done. Theres not even time to go home for a decent bath and a change of clothing.

I hate seeing these scenes. Don't you?



  1. That's why I do not have maids. I'll be damn jealous if they are attached to the maid. Die die must do things myself :P

  2. kesian hor the schooling kids with their BIG school bags.....wonder how my lil skinny gal going to carry her bag to school *so sad* ???

  3. immomsdaughter,
    Haha. I'd hate to be in that mother's shoes, having the baby turn away from her like that.

    mummy to qiqi,
    Yes, I worry about my skinny one too. :(

  4. I have a learning center, or tuition center, but I prefer not to run it now. I don't even feel like sending my kids to mine, so what is the purpose of running the biz?

    As for the maid scene, well, if you come and see my neighbour, who has both her kids sleeping, eating, playing and talking in indo to the maid, you will faint. LOL!

  5. i seriously cant imagine how some parents can let their kids sleep with maid!!! I don't even know what happens middle of the nite man...maybe the maid molested the kid? OMG...

  6. I can't say that parents in this part of the world are more hands on but at least most of us don't have maids and we have take care of our kids even if it means forking out money, carrying baby and carrying grocery bags at the same time.

    In a way, I'm glad I'm here otherwise I might turn out to be like that lady you see in pasar malam. I think that's how the msian culture is turning out to be.

  7. shoppingmum,
    Earn money from blogging much better than running a center yah? ;)

    Yes, its scary. I remember reading somewhere about some boys being molested by their tuition teacher in their home because tuition was carried on behind locked doors. The moral? Never, ever trust anyone of whatever sex.

    So sad the way the culture is evolving. I don't think we see these kind of scenes earlier on do we?

  8. The pasar malam scene is very common over my place too. They fully make sure of maid mah! But I cannot tahan the most is they allow the maid to feed their kid/baby...aiyo, dunno will they add extra ingredient or not while feeding..yikes!

    There are many ways i cannot accept too, that's y better dun hire maid! LOL

  9. i hate those scenes too.
    Abt the maid - i hate it most when you go to hotels and you see the maid accompanying or watching over the kids at the pool while the parents are so called "relaxing" by the pool reading newspaper. Really makes me boil- on holiday somemore cannot spend time with kids.

    Tuition after tuition - anotehr form of babysitting for parents. I just pray I will not put my children through such things in future.

  10. I feel lil' guilty when I saw this comments on leaving your kids to the maid. I'm one of those. In shopping centre/pasar malam I will let my maid carry my girl (not with sling la) if I did not bring stroller along. And also, both my kids are sleeping in the same room with the maid. Maybe, most of you can see the selfishness in me.. but I think not all maid are bad... I'm lucky to have very caring and good maid.

  11. jesslyn,
    Maybe we are a bit paranoid but being paranoid is better than being sorry.

    Yes, the hotel scene is very familiar and yes again about tuition being a convenient babysitter.

    I must admit that if I had a good and caring maid, I would be tempted to ask her to do the things that I should do as a mother but you must remember that the end result is the kids will bond more and more with the maid and less and less with you. Just my 2 cents.

  12. Although I have a maid, shedoes not sleep with my baby. We make milk n feed him on our own. The only thing we need her to handle the baby is to assist while bathing and carrying him around. I am small size and my baby is 10kg +. Not worried, cos my baby is not attached to her.

  13. kgc,
    I dare not bathe my baby on my own as well. I used to just do topping and tailing and bathed them only once a week during the weekends when my hubby was free to help out. :P


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