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School Holiday Programme December 2018

Thursday, July 05, 2007

MG Recommends Top 3 Kids Sites

In my as well as my kids opinion, the following are the top 3 kids sites for their educational benefits as well as fun rating. This is not a sponsored post folks. I just think that a good thing ought to be shared. I have reviewed some Educational Sites for Young Children before on my Mothering Times Blog but I will now narrow down that longer list to 3.

1. BBC- CBeebies - We just love the stories and rhymes section of this site. The stories used to be organised as books that can be pulled out from shelves which was easier for the kids but now its organised alphabetically probably due to the very wide selection of stories. The stories are interactive and wonderfully animated making the familiar characters come alive from the storybooks. Almost all the stories I can remember from childhood are here and more. It certainly gets a thumbs up from MG.

2. Starfall - This is a wonderful educational site to teach a child to read. It is very well structured starting from ABC right up to more advanced reading. The games that comes along with each section really helps keep the child's insterest. It is interactive and fun. My girl who is 5 is at the I'm reading Stage Now (Stage 4). My boy who is 3 is at the Lets Get Ready to Read Stage (Stage 1). I can really see them making progress while having fun. Another thumbs up from MG.

3. Kindersite - I just found this site but I like it. I like the way the games, stories and songs links are organised in the Children's Directory which can be found at the site. Click on the"Children's Directory" button to get to the links. The selection is really wide and its easy for a child to choose and navigate to the games or stories they like. Some of the links come from 1 and 2 above but thats ok, theres lots more. Thumbs up from MG's kids.

I recommend the above sites to all parents of toddlers and preschoolers. Do visit the sites together with your kids if you have the time. You and your kids will enjoy them I am sure. Better still, bookmark this post so you can have easy access to all three sites at one go. :)



  1. hey...thanks for that. It's hard to sift through google looking for a good kids' site!

    I know of the first 2, but not the 3rd! How about doing a Top 10?

    Ha Ha!

  2. this entry is definitely going into my bookmarks!

  3. mott,
    Why don't you do it? Hehe.

    I'm sure LLS will enjoy it. Psstt. You can also leave him there for a while. Its like a babysitter. Hahaha.

  4. I first learned about Starfall from your sidebar & introduced it to my gal when she was abt 1. She loves it so much. Now at 31 mths, she's already starting to read. Thank you very much for a great recommendation!! : ) I will definitely check into the other sites.

  5. ah....something different from elmo and barney for my lil one. Thanks ya

  6. blur mommy,
    I've got some more sites you can check out but most of the time we just stick to these few. Its got more sites like The Wiggles etc. I saved them all on a web page to make it easier for myself. I've got more but haven't really updated it but will from time to time. Here is the url.
    my girl's fav pages

    Elmo and Barney? Yawwwwn! Hehe.


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