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School Holiday Programme December 2018


School Holiday Programme December 2018

Monday, July 30, 2007

What Shall I Wear?

I have a party to attend this Saturday. What shall I wear? I simply cannot decide! Should I wear this turquoise blue gown with matching glittering shawl and super high heels? (Phweet! Phweet!). Its leftover from my own wedding dinner from a few years ago so why let it rot in the cupboard, yes? *wipes dust off gown*

Or should I wear this pink pants suit with matching pink mules instead? Hmmm… the pink one may be more appropriate. Its less formal. The blue one looks so formal. I mean c’mon, its not MY wedding I’m attending! Hahaha

Right! Enough daydreaming. Firstly, I cannot fit into slim looking outfits like these. Secondly, they belong to my girl’s first Barbie Doll.

Being a mum sure is fun. I can be a kid again along with my kids. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play with the Barbie Doll that I never had as a little girl. As a mother/father, do you find that you tend to buy your kids the toys that YOU like? Lol!



  1. For a moment i thought my eyes are playing tricks on me. O_0

  2. Sneaky you! I thot you suddenly become so glam. Hehehe.

  3. xin,
    I wear these outfits kenot meh?!

    Whadaya mean "suddenly" so glam. *hands on hips* I always so glam one ....... in my mind la.

  4. haha no wander i thought eh..why that baju look so mini LOL..

    eh congrats..u are blog of the day

  5. When I look at the 1st pic, I thot wow, she's really skinny! Then I look at the 2nd pic & hahaha..... I realised I got tricked!! Ya, that's why I'm glad I have a girl 'cos I can buy all the nice kitchen set, dress-up stuff etc. for her that I never had. : )

  6. jazzmint,
    I wanted to post the shoes too but those would be a giveaway. Hahaha.

    blur mommy,
    If only I was skinny enough to fit into these, not the doll sized one but the real sized ones. *dreaming*

  7. When I first saw the photos of the clothes I thought..mmm...this woman is very very small or she deliberately downsized the images to make them look `minature'. hehehe..than as I read on I realised they belonged to Barbie.
    Yes we are victims of the Toy shops and yes we buy stuff for our kids which we never/deprived of. So we usually end up overly possessive as they are expensive and we end up playing with them ourselves while our kids sit there whining to have a chance to even touch it! :D

  8. Sorry - YG - is flowsnow at:
    The same Tricia. I just disabled the profile image.

  9. Oh. So shall I call you YG, flowsnow or Tricia? Haha. I know what you mean. Sometimes we even try to tell or show the little ones how to play with THEIR toys instead of allowing them to explore themselves.

  10. haha..same as me, i bought the barbie doll because i dun have 1 when i'm young. Now take chance to get it for my gal but actually i'm the one who want it (my gal so young still dunno how to play barbie lar).

  11. 1+2mom,
    I tried to buy it earlier but she wasn't interested than. This one she picked herself. Lol!


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