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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


My boy has a bit of a tongue-tie. His paediatrician had wanted to clip it to facilitate breastfeeding because we were having so much problems breastfeeding then but I declined. Clip my few days old baby's tongue? You've got to be kidding! But thats just me. Its supposed to be a very simple procedure and in the old days midwives used to keep one fingernail long in order to sweep it across the baby's frenulum moments after birth if the baby was found to be tongue tied!

Anyway, my boy's tongue-tie does not give him any speech problems. I can hear and understand him when he speaks. He does have have some problems pronouncing his "Ssss" though. Recently I was trying to correct him. (Normally I don't correct them because they sound so cute when they mispronounce words. Like the way he refers to his "milk" as "nuke". Lol!)

He tends to omit his "Sssssss" when they're at the beggining of the words for example he would pronounce the word "Small" as "mall"

MG: No, no, baby, not mall. Its small. Say slowly "Ssssssss mall". Then quickly. "Small."

My Boy: Mall sssss. Mmm ssall.

MG: No. Its Ssssss mall. Small.

My Boy: Ssssss mall. Small.

MG and girl: Yeah. *Clap clap clap clap*. You did it. Ssssss mall. Small.

My Boy: I know already. I know already mummy. Ssssss mall. Small. Ssssss big. Sbig.

MG and girl: *speechless*

Lol! Now, thats what I call initiative!


  1. hahhahahahahahah

    sometimes J is also like that. But then I'm like u la.. enjoying hearing the funny sound he make. hehe

  2. vien,
    He had this cute serious look too when he said it. Hehe.

    Hehe. Yes, until today, I still call their milk by its nickname "nuke". :)


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