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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Board Game for Young Kids

Recently we bought a first board game for the kids. Its a very simple game called "Supermarket". Its like a simplified Monopoly for very young kids. The kids go round the board and have to do some "shopping" whenever they stop at a square with a shopping trolley on it. They must pay for the item they want and get the correct change from the bank.

When they go pass the start point, the bank pays them $20. There are some squares which are restaurants or telephone booths. Anyone who stops at these squares have to pay $5 to the bank. The game is for 2-4 players and someone acting as a banker.

At the end of the game, the one with the most value of bought items wins.

To an adult or older kid, the game may get rather boring after a while. After a while you just sort of go round and round and round in circles and you lose the objective of the game. I also feel that the instructions are not detailed enough. I have to set my own rules and objectives to finish the game!

However its good enough for little ones. They love to roll the dice, count the number of spaces, get money from the bank, and buy things. The objective is to buy expensive items but after a while, they want to buy objects to their hearts desire like cakes and icecream from the confectionary or matching skirts and tops in the Garments Shop. Hahaha.

In this game, they learn about the value of money, and some additions and subtractions ie how much change they should get in return. So I suppose it does have some educational content and the kids enjoy playing it even though the game may not be perfect.


  1. How interesting. Will look out for it.

  2. I think I should try to find it and again try to play with the kids, since the first trying of "money game" wasn't succesful :(

  3. lian,
    The game is not fantastic but we can improvise a bit lah.

    Good luck to you second time round. lol.

  4. i think i wld like to buy this game for my kids. monopoly is not suitable at the moment.

  5. hi there, i have been trying to get something like this...where did you get it, if i may ask?.....i think it is a good idea to start the kids off on the value of money

  6. wen,
    Yah, monopoly is a bit too complicated for now. I saw a girl's monopoly thats good for girls but yah its a bit complicated for now.

    I got it for Toysarus.

  7. Sounds fun..

    Have to wait for Zaria to grow older first.

    Or she'll just 'destroy' e.thing.

  8. zara's mama,
    Haha yes. Fortunately the "money" is in coin form. If its in paper form, habislah.

  9. wow looks vy fun. i just started snakes n ladder with faythe

  10. jazzmint,
    I haven't started snakes n ladders as I think the kids will be upset when the fall down the snake. Hahaha.


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