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Thursday, September 04, 2008

A trilingual picture dictionary - Malay - English - Chinese

I wanted to get one of those electronic talking chinese dictionary to help me and my girl in learning Chinese Mandarin. However, those are rather expensive so I decided to wait and see. In the meantime, I was delighted to find this trilingual picture dictionary in Malay, English and Chinese at a local bookshop.

I love it because its very modern and relevant for our Malaysian kids. It is a picture dictionary in three languages for young kids. The languages are Malay, English and Chinese. The pictures are colourful and wonderfully illustrated.

There are entries on the people of Malaysia and our Festivals, our Currency and Landmarks, all in three languages. Very interesting. It has more modern words and pictures as well eg. digital cameras, atms, modems etc. You can also find out what a toll plaza, or a Touch & Go Lane is in Chinese and Malay. Or in a bank you might want to know what a queing number machine is, or a security guard or a closed circuit camera. It also contains some useful nouns, idioms, action verbs etc.

I love looking at the dictionary. I think its very relevant for primary school kids in Malaysia, especially those who will be going to Chinese school. I think it may even be relevant for some adults. For example, its relevant for me to help my girl pick up the language, not only the Chinese language but Malay too! Highly recommended by MG!

And no, this is not a sponsored post. Ini bukan satu pos berbayar. Errr... I wanted to make this message trilingual but I still don't know how to put Chinese characters in a post. Hahaha.

Oh I forgot to mention... the dictionary is from Oxford Fajar. Here is the exact title: Kamus Bergambar Generasi Baharu KBSR Edisi Keenam (Bahasa Melayu-Bahasa Inggeris-Bahasa Cina).

It serves my purpose for now and its much cheaper than an electronic talking dictionary. Its only RM12.95. I think its worthwhile for the info in contains.


  1. definitely worthwhile.... will go get one too. Err the Chinese words come with pin yin as well?

  2. annie,
    Yes, yes, got pin yin too. I forgot to mention. Otherwise I don't know how to read mah. ;)

  3. MG,
    what is pin yin ?
    I just know the sound -my little-boy-tell-me of 1 to 10, hehe...

  4. henny,
    It is romanization of the Mandarin language. To put it simply, it is spelling out the Chinese Characters that we hear, using the alphabets that we know. For example Nǐ Hǎo means "How are you" "spelled out" in pinyin instead of using the Chinese Characters. The little signs that you see above the vowels, indicate how the words should be pronounced.

  5. Thanks MG & shall go look for it!

  6. a&a'smom,
    You can check out the Oxford website link for a list of bookshops in your area selling it. :)

  7. I bought this too. I think it's pretty good!

  8. TQ, TQ MG... I will get 2 copies. A few years ago hubby brought home a simple RM10 pic. trilingual dictionary, Bea1 and Bea2 just loved it...they learned many words from it. Now it is all torn and we just left it at our old place and I had just forgotten about it.
    And I hope Bea1 will learn one of the chinese language when she starts school but I'm not very sure if the school offers such class.

  9. jo-n,
    Yes, its good. :)

    Yours was probably the earlier edition of this one. This is the 6th edition.

  10. Wow.. good one..
    And the pictures are good too.

    Maybe I shoul get one.

    From which local book shop?

  11. zara's mama,
    I got mine from MPH but you can also view a list of bookshops from the publisher's site. The link is within my post.

  12. thank you for the recommendation, i will be needing this too...:)

  13. Oxford's the best! I'm getting by here in China with a little English-Chinese-English dictionary :-)

    You might want to check it out too although the no. of words in English isn't as many as I'd like


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