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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Their First Board Game

We bought the kids their first board game recently. Its called "Supermarket". Its a little bit like kiddie monopoly but much more simplified. The kids get to roll a dice and move around the board over and over again. They get to stop to do some "shopping" with pretend money if they happen to stop at a square with a shopping trolley.

When I have more time, I may upload a photo and do a small "review" of the game. In the gist, I think board games are great family fun. However, with young kids, you must set aside a time to sit with them, explain the game and supervise the play. Oh and don't forget to explain that you don't have to win all the time to enjoy a game. lol.

In this game, they learn about money, counting etc but the most important lesson of all is the lesson on losing and winning and being sporting when playing. :)


  1. i got monopoly but have yet to play with the kids..

  2. wen,
    The monopoly is a bit harder to understand, have to build hotels and pay taxes etc. I forsee that the kids will get a bit upset when they have to pay taxes to pass by your street. Hahaha.

  3. yes, you're right MG.
    I ever had played 'the Rich Game' with the 2 big kids and my hubby, but ended up with the boy upset because all his money was gone :)
    so never play again after that.. we couldn't because only my daughter & I who wants that game (just both us who always win, hehe..)
    Board games are better for little kids.

  4. henny,
    Hahaha. They always get upset when they lose. I think we need to find a game where everyone wins and no one loses.


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