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Monday, September 22, 2008

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween 2008 falls on 31st October 2008. If you're planning to have a party for your kids, its not too early to start planning now. Some parents are worried about their kids going trick and treating so its better to have them safe at a home party.

As with planning any other party, don't forget to prepare some halloween treats.

Kids get bored easily though so its best to prepare some party games to occupy them. Here are some that I've come across:

1. Witch Hat Hunt - Send the kids around the room to hunt for witches hats. The one with the most hats wins. Don't forget to prepare prizes for everyone for participating so that everyone "wins". :)

2. Create a Spooky Tale - Get everyone seated in a circle. The oldest child gets to start off by telling a scary story that he or she makes up instantly on the spot. The child next to him continues the story and everyone gets a chance to test their creativity skills to create a really spooky story.

3. Dress the Witch - Divide the kids into teams. Then have each team pick a person to dress up as a witch. Provide the kids with some everyday items they can use as hats, brooms etc. You can also provide makeup for the kids to "paint" the witches face with. The team with the best dressed scary witch wins.

Happy Halloween.


  1. i guess it is an occasion more widely celebrated in the west...though i will try to have nicole join in the fun this year!

  2. contentedmom,
    Hope that Nicole has a good time trick or treating.

  3. Fantastic ideas for Halloween party. Thanks..!


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