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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Most Favourite Toy and Unusual Playthings

The kids have lots of toys but I think the most favourite one of all has got to be their drawing board. They both love it very much. And when they draw a masterpiece on it, no one must erase it or they will get rather upset. Wouldn't you get upset too if your masterpiece was erased? ;)

Apart from the drawing board, the kids can spend hours playing with unusual playthings like fast food chilli sauce sachets, tissue paper sachets and angpow packets. They especially love chilli sauce sachets. Each of them has a set of chilli sauce satchets. They decorate them with stickers and recognise which chilli sauce belongs to whom. Then they make cars, houses, etc with it or simply let their imagination run wild. Their chilli sauce sachets can also turn into people and giants. Hahaha.

What unusual toys does your child play with?


  1. nicole likes to play with humans!!...ie. her teachers or me,,she is not particularly attached to any toys...

  2. It's funny how they love the simplest things. Wrapping paper. Bubble wrap. Did you know you can make flowers out of egg cartons and pipe cleaners?

  3. For these 2 days Ian loves to move all his sister's book with a chair that has wheels from one place to another without moving the books. I don't know what kind of play is that. He only murmured to himself, not answering my questions...hehe...


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