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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday Blues

Yesterday they had assembly in the morning at my girl's school so they start school 15 minutes earlier. We didn't know this (must have slipped us since they announce everything in Mandarin) so we sent the girl at the usual time.

Daddy saw many parents entering the school, so after dropping her, he decided to chase after her. Luckily, because when they got to the classroom, it was in darkness and no one was around. Everyone had assembled at the hall. So daddy took his girl to the hall and left.

That was daddy's account. Now this is her account.

"Mummy, I cried at school today. I cried a lot. Daddy took me to the hall and after he left, I couldn't find my class. Later an older student brought me to my class. My class teacher asked me to sit beside her because I was crying but her voice was not soft and kind. Maybe her voice is just like that, I don't know."

We're slowly getting into a new routine now. Hopefully we feel more settled by the end of the week. How's everyone else doing?


  1. oh...she has to tell you what happened after that and how 'charm' the whole situation was.

    Like a little manja-ing! :) sweet.

    (I couldn't enter your Mumsgather blog..but hope you managed to do all your cleaning on time!)

  2. very very manja of her....but it is a great milestone for her and all kids who go to std 1...she is doing well...

  3. Ann,
    Today she told me. "Mummy, I did something naughty in school. I climbed the wall." *faints*

    Girls are always manja type.

  4. aiyo...i been followed these kind of story almost 2 week liao. Will my Jing be like that too next year? But it's good she told you everything. At least you knew what happen to her.

  5. ".... Maybe her voice is just like that, I don't know."-- very nice of your girl find a excuse for her teacher, haha...

    twins told teacher talk slowly, because teacher speak mandarin too fast, they can't understand.

    and half of the class can't understand mandarin, so teacher have to explain everything twice, in mandarin and english.

  6. My girl ok now but complain the books too heavy. She beg for trolley bag. Haiz....look like I will have to fulfill her wish. Heart pain see her carry 4-5kg bag to school everyday!! Crazy hor!

  7. Moo Mommy,
    Haha. Its good to read wut. Then you can learn from all our mistakes.

    I think she overheard us adults talking ler. We say the teacher very fierce and unnapproachable but we hope she just looks like that. Haha.

    My girl does not have any books yet so we don't know the weight but I saw almost everyone carrying trolley bag. My girl said she wanted trolley bag but if we get other type she will "agree also lah" but eventually we got her a trolley bag that she wanted so much. Afterall you are 7 years old only once and its nice to see her happiness in rolling the bag around. Hahaha.

  8. Is her classroom on ground floor? All my boys classroom is on 1st and 3rd floor...so that's why I've not got them a trolley bag. If I need to get one , I think it has to be one which is very light and cost a bomb.

  9. Yes, her classroom is on the groundfloor so that makes it easier.

  10. Lucky no tantrum (not yet) from my girl for this week. Last week she got a mood swing on Tues and good thing is she's in afternoon session, else I will have many MORNING blues...as she's not an early bird.

  11. Elaine,
    We had morning blues again today on Thursday. She has no trouble waking up but she's unhappy about going to school. :(


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