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Friday, January 23, 2009

No More Tears

The girl still complains of the longer hours at school but she seems to be settling in well now. Yesterday, they gave out some books for the first time.

They've been doing arts and crafts at school, some Chinese New Year card, spring cleaning their classroom etc so school seems not so bad to her for now accept that its a bit dragy. Each kid was supposed to bring a pail and a rag to wipe. I bet she enjoyed that.

Whenever I do cleaning up at home, I would give each of the kids a rag and ask them to help. They both love that tremendously. At this age, they love to help.

Well, it looks like after 3 weeks of school, she has started to get into the swing of things and settling in but then......... there is 10 days of holidays. Then we are back to square one.

I will probably take 10 days blog leave too. Hahaha. So if you don't see me.....


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  1. Hi Mumsgather, glad to hear that your girl is settling down in school but my girl is started to cry this week (the 3rd week of school)...she said she missed me and keep on complaining of long school hours...like what you said, that they will back to square one once after the CNY holidays...haiz!Dun know what to do???

  2. She's doing better than my boy! My boy woke up this morning saying 'He can't go to school' then he put my hands on his forehead saying "Got Fever"!

    Anyway, Have A Wonderful Chinese New Year!!!

  3. So no worry now ya! :)

    Wishing you and family Happy Chinese Year too!

  4. Princess Geraldine's Mummy,
    Mine cried during the 2nd week but she seems happier this week. But after 10 days holidays dunno lar...

    Haha. So clever!

    Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year too! After CNY then only we come back and share some more stories about school. Hehe.

  5. Happy Chinese New Year to you, MG.

  6. Happy Chinese New Year.

    I read some of your posts this year, and saw what you wrote about your daugther's school experience.

    Btw, her kindergarten didn't have Mandarin class? Or it wasn't sufficent? I'm worried about Zara too because I plan to send her to Chinese school; but she's starting in this new kindergarten where half the lessons are conducted in Chinese.

  7. zara's mama,
    My girl's kindy has half hour of Mandarin class each day. Otherwise, it is mostly in an English speaking environment. She only attended one year of kindergarden at age 6. However, we had her kindy teacher come in twice a week for half an hour each time when she was about 5 1/2 years old, to prepare her for the Mandarin class before she joined the year 6 kindy class. It does not seem to be good enough because she can read and write but she can't converse. In Zara's case, it will be better since half the lessons are conducted in Chinese. How does she like her new kindy?


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