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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Little Super Glue

I was really afraid that my little super glue (that would be my boy) would give me problems when he starts kindy this year. I was worried that he'd cry and cling to me like a koala bear. Hahaha.

Fortunately not. I think it helps that he is No 2 and he has been accompanying me to and from the kindy daily to see his sister. He is very familiar with the kindy by now so there is no problem adjusting.

He loves it. He is still beaming. When I dropped him off yesterday, I stole up to his class behind him. I heard him telling a classmate that his daddy had cut his hair. Hahaha. Actually his daddy took him for a haircut.

When I go and take him home, I love to see his happy beaming face. This morning I dropped him at the gate and he beamed and said "I love you mummy." Then he waved and said goodbye with his big grin.

I remember when he was just a baby, someone mentioned that he is a joyful baby to have around because he is always smiling. He is 5 now and still always smiling. Yup he is a joy to have around.


  1. Nah, dun worry, if he clings on u, give him the cold treatment, make him grow up faster

  2. Oooohhhh......SO SWEET !!!Blessed are you.

  3. Such a good boy.No tears at all. Thumbs up.

  4. Harmony,
    He only clings to me at home. At school he is not clingy so there is not need to give him the cold treatment.

    Yes, he is a very affectionate boy.



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