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Monday, January 19, 2009

Will You Be My Friend?

My girl thinks that the way to make friends is to go up to them and ask them "Will you be my friend?"

"I don't think the girls will be my friends, mummy. They all have their own friends. I know that if I go up to them and ask them whether they will be my friend, they will say no because they have so many friends already."

She doesn't consider the boys her friends even though she may talk to or play with them. Only girls can be her best friends. Haha. I told her not to worry because in kindy she only had 10 girls who could be her friend, now she has almost 20 whom she can become friends with.

On Saturday, she was happy because she had made a new friend and they had computer class. (She had replacement classes on Saturday to replace for the CNY hols).

When I asked her how she met her new friend, she said, I told the girl........

"If I give you this sticker, will you be my friend? and the girl said yes. OMG! lol.

So I had to teach her a few ground rules about making friends......
  • you don't give something to someone hoping that they will be your friend. In this way, they may befriend you only for your sticker or other things
  • you don't be nice to someone hoping that they will be nice to you. Just be nice naturally
  • you don't need to ASK someone to be your friend. Just be yourself, be friendly, talk to others and eventually you will become friends

I think its important to talk to your child often, especially when they are going through changes to help them through it as well as to teach them important values in life. These values and lessons can't be learned from textbooks. They are things that we all have to learn along the way and wouldn't it be good if we were given guidance and learned these things from young?

On my personal blog today:

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  1. can our girls be friends? :D

    Mummy, create a blog for your girl, let the girls become cyberfriend. :D

  2. Your girl is so cute! :) But I like the rules of making friends you mentioned, I should shar them with Damien.. :) Thanks!! :)

  3. She is smart in another way..use sticker for exchange!

    See, the kids know how to adapt themself to new environment pretty soon.

  4. She's so cute... If she says that to me, I'll sure be her friend, hahaha.

    I will use ur rules to teach my girl too...I wanted to tell her not to do things just to please the friends too. U wrote it out so clearly. Thanks.

  5. Elaine,
    I ownself also no time to monitor my blog adi, no time to monitor blog for my girl lah. Hahaha.

    Children are so innocent and simple minded, sometimes we even don't know they think like that if we don't talk to them. Hahaha.

    These kind of adaptation better control. lol.

    Hahaha. Will you be my friend?

  6. I think I made friends that way too....as in giving them something.


  7. Ann,
    I think most of us have tried that at some point in our lives. :)


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