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Friday, January 29, 2010

Her first pair of Spectacles

This year, on the first day of school, I took a peep into her classroom and saw my girl squatting/kneeling down right underneath the board to copy something from the white board. She looked like she was being punished.

Upon further investigation, I found that the real reason was because she could not see what was written on the board. We quickly took her to have her eyes evaluated by an optometrist. Sure enough, she required glasses. If I am not mistaken, her power is about 140/50 plus 100 for astimatism.

She chose the rims she liked and seem happy with it. Now, she looks just like a regular Chinese School Student.

She wears her specs in school but not at home unless it is for watching the tv. I have to teach her how to be responsible for her specs, where to keep it and how to clean it. We ask her to remove it for gym classes but she must remember where to keep it and to remember to put it back on again. Having specs is an added responsiblity for a child. Now, she has to remember her eyewear in addition to her stationaries and tumbler each day. I get her to remember to put it on at the same time everyday, right before she wears her school shoes and she has a special place to keep it so she can always find it there instead of losing it.

On the first day when she wore it, she said the boy next to her told her "Eeeeeyeeea why you wear specs one!" I told her she can say the same thing to him "Eeeeeyeeeea why you don't wear specs one!" She had a good laugh about it and said she will tell him "Eeeeeyeeea why you like Ben 10 one!" Good. At least her sense of humour is intact and she is not affected by teasing or negative comments.


  1. Is she the 1st to wear spectacles in the class?
    Hmm...her parents must be specky as well...:)

  2. My girl oso has astig (about 100) and vy mild shortsightedness. So I'm really hoping she doesn't need to wear glasses. At the moment, she can c the board, unless she's sitting at the last row.
    It's vy common that kids wear glasses nowadays. I wonder y the boy went "Eeeeeyeeea". *shake head*

  3. Luckily you spotted her shortsightedness. Otherwise, kasihan, cannot see blackboard.

  4. Welcome to the club, my gal is on glasses too but she is long sighted. Hoping she will get some short sighted to lower her long sighted.

    You can get your girl some cool glasses, it makes her friends dying to have one too. Reverse psychology.

  5. Annie,
    Yeah, we're both speckies. However, I only wore one in my 20s... No, she's not the first. She said she counted 7 in all who wears specs in her class. I had expected a bigger number. Haha.

    He's just being a boy I guess. He said the same thing when she drew hearts. "Eeeeeaaayeaa why you like heart shape wan." lol

    Yah, she did look a bit pitiful, squinting and finally squatting down right in front of the board. Good thing I went to peep at her. Hehe.

    Yes, she has nice looking ones. My boy said he wants to wear specs too when he saw hers. Haha.

  6. Do you have any idea why nowadays kids need to wear spec at such a young age? I am very worry my girl will need to wear specs. too at very young age. The power will increase tremendously if they have short sighted at young age. That happened to me. My power is about 700. I send her for check up last school holiday, her eye sight is still ok. How to prevent?????


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