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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Explaining Earthquakes and Tsunami to Kids

Yesterday the little one asked "Mummy, what is an earthquake?"

The older one said. "I know. I know. Teacher showed it to us at school. Teacher showed us a video of the Japan Earthquake. We all said Wuaaah Wuaaaah!" her mouth and eyes opened wide in amazement.

I had to find out what they heard, what they learned, what they saw and what they understood. Then I tried to fill in the gaps and explain it to them in the most simple terms without frightening them too much for the images and videos are scary.

I found some videos on YouTube to explain to them about a tsunami. I wanted to find videos and explanations on what is an earthquake and a tsunami but I could not find those. What I found was videos on what to do in case of an earthquake or a tsunami. However the videos are simple enough for young kids to understand. Here they are...

Tsunami Video 1

Tsunami Video 2

Earthquake Video


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