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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

First half school term break

The first school holidays is almost upon us. This week is easy on us as it is exam week. No after school classes or activities and no homework. We are much less rushed this way. All that is required is a little bit of revision in the afternoon.

The holidays are too short. Its just 5 days if  you don't count the weekends. Their father may take two days off to spend time with them, they have two days of replacement piano classes to catch up from the time they were sick and they have been invited to their aunty's house for a pot luck lunch on another day. Thats it. All 5 days taken up. It will go by in no time at all.

However, they have grand plans for the holidays. They want to do all sorts and manners of crafts, and science experiments and play with their toys which they have no time for during school days, and play pc games and ........... "Mummy, we must do this if we have the time. Can we? Can we? If we have the time?" Looks like mummy will be as busy as ever, school holidays or no school holidays.


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