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Monday, March 21, 2011

How to make an origami ball

The kids love origami. They are quite adept at it having had quite a lot of practise. They can easily follow simple origami instructions from origami books or better still YouTube videos. We keep some origami paper at home ready for when the mood strikes us. Sometimes they even come up with their own amazing origami designs. The boy folded a space craft while the girl made a 3-D ice-cream cone with strawberry and vanilla flavour. :)

Recently we tried this fun paper project ie how to make a ball with a piece of paper. It is really easy. The part that the kids love the most is blowing up the ball.

Here is the video we found on YouTube on How to Make an Origami Ball or a ball using a piece of paper. You should try it. I am sure the kids will find it fun and easy.


  1. Hi, the 'best mommy' in the world...haha...how are you?? Hope you still having lots of fun with the kids:)

  2. Hi Henny,

    Long time no see! You must be busy with your shop. I can see that you are creating more and more beautiful things. :)


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