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Monday, March 19, 2012

First Term School Holidays March 2012

The holidays are over in the blink of an eye before we know it. For the record, we managed to:

  1. Watch John Carter at the cinema
  2. Watch The Chronicles of Narnia at home and Star Trek with daddy
  3. Do up and print out new school time tables. The kids did it all on their own too. Hopefully they will feel so proud of it, they will keep it well this time.
  4. Went to the park to play football (our style)
  5. Played computer games, phone games, board games
  6. Practised piano, did some piano theory plus mandatory and boring school homework 
That's all. One week school holidays is really much too short. 


  1. We watched John Carter too. Nice movie. This school holiday we managed to bake a cake together.

  2. Nice to know what your family did during the school holidays. :)

    1. We didn't get to the balloon fiesta. :(

  3. I read the Princess of Mars eons ago. It's interesting to know that edgar Rice Burroughs wrote other things than the Tarzan books.


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