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Friday, March 23, 2012

Ideas For Easter 2012

Easter is just around the corner. Looking for some ideas for Easter for 2012? Here are some places where you will find good ideas for Easter. Whether you're looking for ideas to make your own Easter Basket or finding Easter Collectibles, here are some great places to look.

1. For Easter Crafts check out these pages

Build Your Own Easter Basket

Build Your Own Easter Basket

If you are thinking of making your own Easter Basket this year, check this Squidoo lens out. You'll get plenty of ideas on what you will need to build your Easter Basket.

There are plenty of images to give you more Easter Basket Decoration ideas as well as lots of ideas on what to put in you Easter Basket. Check out the Easter Basket Filler Ideas for different age groups.

Easter Bunny Craft Kits

Easter Bunny Craft Kits

If you are looking for Easter Bunny Craft Kits to make and do at home, check this page out. There are plenty of Craft Kits featuring the Easter Bunny featured here.

You can make Easter Bunny Magnets, Easter Bunny Puppets, Bunny Ears Headband, as well as lots of other medium like foam, clothespin, wooden etc with some of the featured Easter Bunny Craft Kits here.

Crochet Easter Bunny Ear Hat
Crochet Easter Bunny Ear Hat

For those who love to crochet, here is a Crochet Easter Bunny Ear Hat free pattern just in time for Easter.

This crochet patter of Easter Bunny Ear comes with floppy ears and a gorgeous crochet flower,

Visit the link to get your free crochet pattern.

2. To get more Easter Egg Ideas, go to these pages

Easter Egg Toys

Easter Egg Toys

This site features lots of Easter Egg Toys. As a bonus, it has some suggestions on How To Plan An Easter Egg Hunt.

You can also find links to many online Easter Games for kids with special emphasis on Online Easter Egg Games. While you're there, you can check out the many Easter Egg toys available plus Plastic Easter Egg Toys for you to fill up with Easter Goodies.

Easter Collectibles by Jim ShoreEaster Egg Collectibles by Jim Shore

If you are looking for Easter Collectibles to give away or to decorate your home, you might want to consider Easter Collectibles by Jim Shore.

Drop by here for a lovely collection of Easter Bunnies, Easter Eggs, Easter Baskets and Easter Angels, all from Jim Shore to decorate your homes with this Easter. They also make great Easter Gifts.

Easter Egg Decorating
Easter Egg Decorating

If you are looking for ideas on how to transform your boring white eggs into exciting easter decorations, then check out this page for some Easter Egg Decorating ideas.

Some interesting ideas like Bling Bling Eggs, Confetti Eggs and Crayon eggs can be found here.You will also find instructions on how to make an Easter Egg Wreath here.

Porcelain Easter Eggs

Porcelain Easter Eggs

Looking for something different to decorate your homes with this Easter 2012? Then check out these Porcelain Easter Eggs.

Read about the different types of Porcelain Easter Eggs. These Porcelain Eggs are highly collectible. They make excellent gifts and are lovely to look out as a decoration for the house. This site gives you some information about porcelain eggs and its history.

Easter Egg Hunt at Les Trois Chenes
Easter Egg Hunt at Les Trois Chenes

Easter Egg Hunts are a fun tradition. Read about how this tradition is carried out at Les Trois Chenes, a cozy Bed and Breakfast or holiday cottage in the sleepy hamlet of Videix, Limousin, S W France.

If you have the chance to go there, that's great since the holiday cottage organizes Easter Egg Hunts for its guests but even if you don't, you may get some ideas on how to do your own Easter Egg Hunt.

CascaronesSmash Confetti Filled Eggs (Cascarones) For Good Luck!

This Easter, why not make some Cascarones? Cascarones are colorful hollow eggs filled with confetti. This is a wonderful Easter Activity idea and especially fun for Easter Gatherings and Parties.

Check out this page for more details about Cascorones, what they are, the history of Cascarones and  how to make your own Cascarones this Easter. It'll be a nice ice-breaker activity for everyone or just right at the end of the party.

Lessons about Eggs for Easter
Oviparous Animals - Who Laid THAT Egg?

What better time to teach kids all about eggs and oviparous Animals than during Easter? If you are an Educator, Parent or Caregiver you'll want to step into this beautiful page with loads of resources for you to teach children about eggs.

How to Dissect and Egg, Poems, Lessons, Puzzles, Homework, Activities, Arts and Crafts all on Eggs for children to play and learn. There are too many too mention. You'll have to visit the site to see for yourself.

Spring Decoration

Decorating with Birds Nest

Easter heralds the start of spring. You'll want to start decorating your homes with everything spring if you haven't by now.

You can decorate your home for spring and Easter by using Birds Nest as a theme. Check out the Spring Decoration Ideas for your home here.
The Birds Nest Decorating theme is also great for your Easter Egg Hunt party.

3. Check out these for Easter Gifts

Easter Gift Basket For Boys
Easter Gift Basket For Boys

When shopping for Easter Basket for Boys, it is a good idea to select those from their favorite cartoon characters.

Some favorites this year include Spiderman, Disney Pixar's Cars as well as Gift Baskets with Toys Story characters in them.

Check this page out for the details on the gift baskets boys would love.

4. Get some Easter Recipes for your Easter Party or Dinner ideas from these sites

Easter Cupcake Recipes
Easter Cupcake Recipes

Easter Egg morning and Easter Egg Hunts are not complete without some Easter Goodies. Easter Cupcakes are easy to make, lovely to look at and delicious.

Check out this page to get a fun and easy to make recipe on how to make a Chick and Egg Easter cupcake. This recipe makes 24 serves, just nice for an Easter Gathering.

Delightful Sugar-Free Easter Treats
Delightful Sugar-Free Easter Treats

Have a healthy Easter this year 2012 by opting for Sugar-Free Easter Treats.

This page leads you to guilt free yet delightful Sugar-Free Chocolate Easter Eggs and Bunnies. You can fill your Easter Baskets with these Sugar-Free Easter treats for kids if you think they've had enough sugar. They are also great for anyone who needs to have a low sugar diet.

Gluten Free Easter Recipes

Gluten Free Easter Recipes

Maybe you or your loved one cannot consume gluten because of celiac or sensitivity, you can still enjoy Easter by serving Gluten Free Easter Treats.

You'll get some ideas for a Gluten Free Easter here plus recipe on how to make a delicious lemon cross drop biscuit for Easter.

A lemon cross drop biscuit is a dropped biscuit with lemon on top. Its delicious, just sweet enough to be delicious or less if you prefer and its gluten free. A lovely dessert or end to your gluten free Easter dinner.

Best Sugar-Free Chocolate Treats
Best Sugar-Free Chocolate Treats

If you're tired of stuffing yourself and your kids with chocolate filled eggs, chocolate bunnies, why not try some sugar-free chocolate treats instead.

This will be great for filling in Easter Baskets or nice to serve during an Easter gathering so you and your guests can enjoy guilt free and sugar-free chocolate snacks this Easter. Go here to get some ideas for some Chocolate-Free Treats.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Treats
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Treats

Peanut Butter is delicious. Chocolate is even more so. Put them together and you have an irresistible combination.

If you are looking for some peanut butter and chocolate treats this Easter, check this page for ideas. You will drool all over the page just looking at the delicious treat ideas.

Easter Cupcake Decorations
Easter Cupcake Decorations

Easter is just round the corner. If you're planning to bake some Easter treats like Easter Cupcakes, you can go here for some ideas on what to put on your Easter Cupcakes.

You can try Fruit, Candy or nuts. Go to this page for the details of how to put fruit, candy or nuts on your Easter Cupcakes.

4. Check out how Easter is celebrated elsewhere

Easter in Cyprus

Easter is a popular tourist destination for the Europeans. It has long hot summers and many attractions.

Did you know that Easter can fall on different dates in Cyprus? Find out what are the different types of Easter Breads you can find in Cyprus.

This is a nice page you can visit to get information on Cyprus and especially on how Easter is celebrated there.

I hope you enjoyed this Easter Ideas for 2012. Happy Easter!

When is Easter 2012 - Easter 2012 is on 8th April 2012


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