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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Outdoor Reading Corner

I like to read a lot. During the weekends, especially on Sunday mornings, you'd find my nose buried in the newspapers and sometimes magazines or books if time permits. I've also started reading a lot on my little smart phone. I wish I had a tablet computer, otherwise in no time at all, I would have developed a squint reading on such a small device like the phone.

I would really like to have a reading corner, an outdoor reading corner. I would choose a wooden lounge chair from a patio set collection for my reading corner. How lovely it would be to curl up with a book and a cool lemonade for warm days or a hot chocolate for cool evenings. I would have the radio nearby, playing my favorite music.

The breeze would be blowing gently as I read. I feel so relaxed and comfortable, I may even doze off until....."Honey, you haven't bathed the kids and they are waiting for you to help them with their homework! Hurry or we'll be late going out for our errands."  Wake up call! That's my reality. Life is such a rush for me. Still it's nice to dream. I guess it is not so much an outdoor reading corner or a comfortable lounge chair that I crave but rather a nice quiet moment of solitude for myself.

1 comment:

  1. I love reading too. But unfortunately in our country, it would be too hot to read outdoor.


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