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Monday, March 05, 2012

Free Printable School Timetable For Kids

My son lost his school timetable again for the second time this week. As for my girl, her school timetable looks like an old crumpled rotten leaf. So I told the kids "Children, for this school holiday project, we will be making new timetables using the computer." "Yay!" they said. My kids are so deprived of play from their daily homework load that even making timetables sound good to them.

So, I hunted around for some free printable school timetables for kids. Here's what I found.

1. A printable timetable from How To Fix Anything which is also a downloadable excel school timetable.
2. A printable weekly class schedule from Microsoft Office Templates, also in excel format. (small timetable)
3. A very simple class schedule template from Vertex42.com in excel and pdf too. (15 minute schedules)
4. A blank timetable from Monash.edu.au in .doc format (Nice big, clear and white)
5. Another blank weekly timetable template from BlankCalander.org in .jpg, .pdf or .doc formats (Half hour schedules)
6. Free Weekly Timetable Schedule Template in Excel from MyExcelTemplates (Nice soothing blue)

We love these organizers for managing school stuff and keeping us sane!

So many free printable templates in various formats, .doc, .jpg, .pdf or .excel. Just take your pick.

However my most favorite one of all is this ABC Timetable Download. Unfortunately it does not support Chinese. It is freeware. You have to download the zip file and extract it before use. Then you can create and print school timetables or timetables for other activities in various design, colors and fonts. Just select the number of days, enter your times and subjects then save for later reuse and printout as many copies as you like. I am certainly going to do that before more school timetables get lost in my house and I lose my voice from shouting at the kids for losing their timetables. Here is a screenshot of the ABC Timetable.

I like this Daily Schedule Pocket Chart by Scholastics for young kids too. Unfortunately this one is not free but I am including it here because I love it. It comes with full color photo cards including 10 subject cards, 5 blank cards and 1 title cards plus a 2-page activity guide.

Daily Timetable For Kids

Updated November 2014: Here is another free printable calendar for school going kids in particularly grade school children. The above are from what I found online. Below is what I created based on my children's own template for their school timetable. I did one for boys and one for girls. Here is the download link for the free printable blank timetable for school children.

Free Printable Timetable For School Children


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