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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Artificial Turf Is A Good Idea

I like some greens around my house but all I have are tiles and concrete. Courtesy of the previous owner who removed the turn and tiled up the whole porch area. This is good for parking cars but it makes the house lack character. I place potted green plants around the porch but they are not the same as green grass.

However, one thing that I can't keep up with is the grass cutting. If I have grass in my porch, then I have to trim it. I was thinking that artificial turn is probably a good idea. It'll give the house some green and I don't have to trim, especially now that the maid is gone. With teaching the kids and keeping the house clean, I hardly even have time to water my potted greens on my porch, not to mention having any turf real or artificial.

Unfortunately, we have two cars and only a small space to park them. So I guess, installing artificial turf is just an idea I'll have to shelf for now, not unless I want to install the artificial turn inside the house. That would be nice too but only if I have a big house with an indoor garden, and a pond and a water feature or fountain. Yes, dream on girl, dream on.


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