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Monday, December 17, 2012

Kids Role Playing

The kids had fun role playing to the max at Kidzania recently. First, they got to don pilot uniforms and use a flight simulator to pretend at being pilots. Then, they got to pretend to be electrical technicians and worked with a team to repair a faulty street lamp.

Then they became investigators to investigate the case of some stolen data from a laptop, they got the clue to key in a computer and when the fingerprint was matched, they found the culprit.

They also joined a city parade and went Christmas caroling with some other kids. They sang "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" to a guitarist strumming with Santa and an Elf in the parade too.

They also got to become reporters and had to interview a bank staff about how to open a bank account and get an ATM card. They were given a real digital camera to take a photograph of the bank employee too and got to publish their news on a real newspaper and take it home. Oh yes, before they became a journalist, they went to college to study journalism so that they would get paid extra for having a degree.

This was their second trip to Kidzania. Most of the activities they selected were the ones which they get paid a salary, they didn't want to go for those others in which they had to pay to attend an activity. Finally, when they had to leave, they didn't want to buy any souvenirs with their hard earned kidzos. They banked it all in for their next trip.

"Mom, we don't want to buy those silly stuff which cost so much. We want to use it for activities the next time. It is more worth it."

I wish they had places like these when I was a kid. It is so much fun. When my girl heard that, she said they should have a Kidzania for adults too. Now, that would be interesting. I wouldn't mind 'working' in a beauty salon or jewelry shop and I want to try making an ice-cream from an ice-cream machine or making chocolates or yoghurt and...

Dad said they would be bored after one or two more trips when they have tried it all but I don't think so. There are still quite a few other activities they have not tried and they have already expressed the wish to do some of those they have tried once again.


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