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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Origami Santa Claus Craft For Kids

Christmas is just around the corner. I can hear and see Christmas in the air when I visit the shopping malls filled with Christmas decorations and holiday music. If you are a parent to young kids, now is the time to spend some time with them making some easy Santa Claus crafts for kids. Making crafts together with kids is a special bonding moment that shouldn't be missed. At 8 and 10 years old, my kids have almost outgrown this special time where they want to sit down and do crafts together. I surely miss those early years when we used to do that a lot.

Anyway, here is an easy Santa Claus Craft for kids which I found online. It is an adorable origami Santa Claus Craft. It is easy enough for kids to do but adults may enjoy it too so you will have fun making it for your kids.

Origami Santa Claus Craft For Kids

The instructions for this Origami Santa Claus can be found here on the Hoikuakira blog. It is a Japanese blog but don't worry if you can't read Japanese, the blogger has given very clear step by step pictorial instructions on how to make this cute little origami Santa Claus.

You can place this Origami Santa Claus on homemade Christmas cards or use it as a homemade paper Christmas Ornament. You can even add it to a Christmas scene picture and frame it up. Use your creativity and have fun!

If you or someone you know has been asked to be Santa Claus this year, then do check out my Squidoo Lens on How To Be Santa Claus. Otherwise you can hop over here to have a look at what modes of transportation Santa can use apart from his usual reindeer in 10 Fun Inflatable Santa Claus Decorations For Your Yard.


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