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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cooking With Kids - Making Fried Wantons

 The kids love to help around the house. They especially love to help in the kitchen. Recently, I made fried wantons and got my two little helpers to help out. They enjoyed it very much. They love putting the filling into  the wanton wrappers, then 'gluing' them up with the egg white 'glue' and arranging them out on the plate like a flower. It is rather like playing, only better. They get to eat up the 'toy' afterwards.

Cooking With Kids - Making Fried Wantons

 Here is my girl laying out the finished wanton on a plate

 All the wantons are neatly arranged onto the plates by the kids. They each had a plate but fought over the skins, the fillings etc.

Into the frying pan goes the wanton.

So many wantons for so few of us but we managed to clean out both the plates. 

We used store bought wanton skins. As for the filling, we used minced chicken and chopped carrots. That was all the ingredients we had in the house at the time. Mummy forgot to add salt to the filling, so everyone had to eat the wantons with some sauce for taste. 

Cooking with kids is a fun activity. We can only do this during the school holidays as during school days, the kids schedule are full ...... with homework.


  1. Whose lovely hand is that???

    Hahaha...after knowing you for so many years, this is a first time I get a glimpse and slight idea how you look like. :P

    1. Sorry to disappoint you but that's not my hand. That's my girls. lol.


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