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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Doctor, Lawyer Or Accountant?

The kids were having a conversation about what they want to be when they grow up. Usually, the girl wants to either write a book or sell something. The boy on the other hand wants to be a builder or the person who sells books, or the one who opens the restaurant. I guess, it must come from the building toys he likes to play with and the restaurants we visit after our weekly trips to the book store. That is why one wants to be an author and the other one wants to be a publisher because he thinks he will make more money selling than writing books.

Neither of them wants to be a doctor, lawyer or accountant though. I guess papa wants them to be a doctor because he says it is good to help others and doctors help others. Mama on the other hand is thinking about all those long hours they will have to be keeping or being kept on their toes from being on call all the time and the depression that may set in from seeing sick people all the time.

Oh dear, perhaps a lawyer or accountant may be a better thing. These days its even easy to get continuing legal education online. West Legal Ed Center is an example of that.

Whatever it is, whatever the children choose to become when they grow up, the most important thing to me is they are happy and healthy.


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