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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Science Reference Books For SJKC

Recently someone asked this question in our Facebook Group. How do you teach your child Science in Chinese when you do not know Chinese? One way is through reference books especially one that is in a pictorial format. When teaching Science, we usually teach the kids the concepts in Chinese. Then we ask them to learn the basic and important vocabulary in Chinese. Pictorial reference books help a lot.

There are a couple of Science reference books by different publishers including Cemerlang, Gemilang and Malaya Press. These are all good publishers for local Malaysian educational books. Here we take a look at some of them.

We used to have a bilingual Math and Science Dictionary by Oxford Fajar and another bilingual Science reference book as well but we are not sharing them here because many bilingual books are no longer in print. What a pity.

Important Note: These pictorial reference books are useful to have but before you rush out to buy them, please take note that some SJKC have a compulsory/recommended buying list which include some of these. So do check with your school list so you don't end up with double. Also, if your child has a sibling who has bought one of these in the school list, remember to deselect the options when given the list so you don't end up buying the same book.

If you do not have these references, you can get them from Popular Book shops or online from Peekabook.

Below are some Science Reference Books For SJKC 

Buku Panduan Sains Cemerlang SJK (C)

A Pictorial Science Reference Book For Upper Primary Students
Std 4,5,6
Publisher = Cemerlang
Details=Has a lot of illustration and examples with using real life pictures

Sample Page For Buku Panduan Sains Cemerlang SJK (C) FOCUS

Buku Sumber Saintis Muda SJKC Tahap 1

Science Pictorial Reference Book
Std 1- Std 3
Publisher = Gemilang
Details: This is for lower primary. It has a real life pictures which children can relate to
 Buku Sumber Saintis Muda SJKC Tahap 2

Science Pictorial Reference Book
Std 4- Std 6
Publisher = Gemilang
Details: Similar to the ones above, illustrations and real life pictures are included. You can see the sample pages below
Sample Page From The Buku Sumber Saintis Muda SJKC Tahap 2
Sample Page From The Buku Sumber Saintis Muda SJKC Tahap 2

HOTS KEY KSSR Sains Tahun 5

KSSR Std 5 Science Reference Book
Std 5
Publisher = Malaya Press
Details= This is for Std 5 only. Illustrations are colorful and cartoon like
Sample Page From The HOTS KEY KSSR Sains Tahun 5


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