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Thursday, October 08, 2015

10 Fill In The Blanks Story Makers For Kids

10 Fill In The Blanks Story Makers For Kids
We've been writing a number of exam oriented posts. Time to do a turnaround and write something fun instead.

Today, we'd like to share 6 fill in the blank type of story makers for very young kids. These are great for young kids who love to write but need some help in the form of prompts. There are many other creative story writing sites for older kids. The ones here are for younger kids. All they have to do is fill in the blanks with a word when prompted such as a noun, adjective, name etc and then click create and see their story unfold. It is fun and easy.

I think what most kids would do is fill in the blanks with ridiculous ideas and words just to see what silly story they can come up with but that's fine too. That is all part of the fun!

Here are 10 fill in the blank story makers where all kids have to do is to fill in the blank with words when prompted and then with one click, they can see their story unfold. It will help to improve their vocabulary and increase their interest in stories and reading.

These story makers will help your child create adventure stories, fairy stories, science fiction stories, sports stories, space stories. Some of them are text while others are a game with pictures, sounds and backgrounds you can pick.

1. Story Maker from British Council is excellent for this. Kids can make a fairy story, a horror story or a science fiction story with the story maker.

2. The Seuss Ville Story Maker is fun too with background and characters from Horton Hears A Who. Your story comes with music too.

3. PBS Kids helps you create a sports story with word prompts, 27 prompts to be exact.

4. Readthon has a 30 second story maker to help you make a short story in 30 seconds using their Story Maker Game.

5. Using Madlibs from Kids Spirit dot com, you can make your own funny story by filling in the blanks.

6. From Space Place, you can write your own zany space story. This one has better prompts and won't allow you to enter if you have the adjective or noun etc. wrong. Not only will you have the fun to become the author of your very own adventure story, you will learn a thing or two about meteorites, black holes and more.

7. In Vocabulary.co you will find story blanks,a making stories game  that allows you to create a story by filling in the blanks. There are plenty of other language and word games there too.

8. Pinky Dinky Doo helps the young child to pick on a picture to add it to their story and the read aloud button helps reinforce learning. The story comes with audio and visuals making it more interesting for the very young child.

9 Carnegie Library gives you items, backgrounds and prompts in the forms of questions to help you along. This is slightly more than just fill in the blanks as kids will have to type out the story based on what they select.

10 Smokey Bear gives you fill in the blank prompts for your child to create a forest story.

Getting your child to go through these will not only be fun, it might just create a new interest in him or her in reading or writing. Have fun!


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