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Friday, October 09, 2015

Life In A Before Or After School Care Center Of A SK Student

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Many parents have no choice but to send their school going children to a before school or after school care center. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of these centers? We ask one such after school care center Little Oxford Daycare Center to get a better idea of the daily activities of the children who are sent to such centers. This post is for SK students. The schedule for a SJKC student is different so we will write a different post for that. Parents with kids in SJKC can watch out for our post next month.

"Many kids from SKTM come to our center. They are all from morning session school and their dismissal time differs everyday for different levels. the As soon as the kids come back from school, they will take turns to shower and have lunch. 

After lunch and shower, they will have a 30 minute session to play with their friends before homework session starts. On days when they need to go back to school for activities like robotic classes, they will be sent back to school after lunch. 

Otherwise, they will have a homework guidance session until 3:00 pm followed by tuition for one subject which takes about 1 hour. After that there will be a tea break for 15 minutes followed by tuition for another subject. 

Tuition will be over at 5:15 pm and the kids will have time to play games with friends, they have board games to play with, or some prefer to read story books from the library corner. 

Usually parents pick the children up from 5.30 pm on wards. However, there will be some kids who go back later because of their parents' schedule. At times, these kids will have time to go out for exercises or do some gardening work while waiting for their parents."

We would like to thank Little Oxford Daycare Center for this valuable insight. These centers fulfill a very important service and need for families where both parents are working and there is only the maid or older parents at home. They make sure kids are guided with school work while providing leisure activities for them at the same time. It is like a home away from home for some of these children. Some parents feel guilty about leaving their children at after school or before school care centers but if you choose your center carefully, your child may actually benefit and enjoy his time at the center. Don't forget to read our earlier post on "What To Look For In A Before Or After School Care Center" to get tips on how to choose a center.



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