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Friday, October 16, 2015

The Story Of Peter Pan In The Latest Adaptation For The Silver Screen

The Movie "Pan" is currently showing in the cinemas right now. Timely too. If you are planning a little outing for the kids after their hard work preparing for the year-end tests.

Pan 2015 bombed big time and received poor reviews everywhere. I find it kid friendly enough. Lots of adventure and stuff.

Adults may notice other things that kids couldn't care about like how Hugh Jackman didn't make a good Blackbeard (pirate). He did much better playing the tortured Wolverine and no one can quite come up to the class of Johnny Depp playing a pirate.

The other casts who played Captain Hook and Tiger Lily had second rate acting. Fortunately, Levi Miller, the boy who played Peter saved the day with his acting.

That's my only comment. The other is. Don't bother about what the negative critics say if you're planning to bring the kids but feel put off by the bad reviews. Kids will enjoy the adventure. The Story of Peter Pan or the boy who wouldn't grow up is not often played on the silver screen so they may not be that familiar with it which is a good thing when you go to the movies.

Poor Pan. The reviews are really rotten. If you are concerned about  how family friendly is Pan the movie, you can read the rotten tomatoes review but like I said, if you read that review and the many others that you can find online, you'd probably not watch it. It is not great but not all that bad as they say, really.



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