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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

English Idioms Infographics, Slides, Videos and Printables For Kids And Other English Learners

One of the most fun ways to learn English or any other language for that matter is learning through idioms. In this post, we will share with you several resources online for English Idioms and other learners of English young and old.

What is the best way to learn idioms? Through pictures of course. So in this post, we will share with you the best English Idioms Infographics, slides, videos and printables for kids learning English.

1. Everyday Idioms - made easy a YouTube video from the APPU series. Watch this 14 minute video on Everyday Idioms for a quick and fun way to learn English Idioms for kids

2. If it is Idiom printables you are looking for, then head on over to eslprintables.com. You will find plenty of idioms worksheets to download and print. (UPDATED: Sadly this site seems to be no longer printable. The download links leads to adds, however you can still view the sheets online.)

3. English Idioms Infographics with fun cartoons can be found at Kaplan International including Time Idioms, Weather Idioms, Food Idioms, Body Idioms, Color Idioms, Music Idioms, Happiness Idioms, Money Idioms and more. For your easy reference, we will take you straight to the idioms search page from Kaplan International blog on this link. You can have fun looking at the cartoons together with your child and explain the meaning of the idioms to them. Each idiom page shows you how to use the idioms with example sentences. Great stuff!

4. iSL Collective has some idiom slides uploaded by members. You can find some fun and colorful idioms shared by the members including this one, a five page slides on people idioms from klfissia. This member also has a 4 page anger idioms.

5. Here is another English Idioms infographic. This one on Animal Idioms is from Grammar.net. They also have great Infographics for Idioms including Love Idioms, Christmas Idioms, Idioms about life, relationships and friends, musical idioms, springtime idioms, idioms about money, idioms about time and idioms about home. The themes here are more adult but some are still good for kids like this one on Animals. Like before, we'll take you straight to the search for idioms on Grammar.net so you can get to these fun infographics easily. The posters are downloadable and each Idioms page comes with explanation of the idioms and examples on how to use them.

[Infographic provided by Grammar.net]

6. From iSL Collective again, this time, are slides from user Robby. Besides these weather idioms, Robby also shared body idioms and animal idioms. iSL Collective also has over 300 free idiom worksheets.

A big thank you to all those who provided these wonderful infographics which must have taken a lot of effort to create. Thank you!

After going through all these infographics, posters, slides, videos and printables, are you now convinced that learning English through English idioms is indeed a fun thing? Remember to bookmark this page so you can find the links to these wonderful resources easily all in one page.

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