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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Marry a Bimbo or an Intellectual?

Mr MG recently had a chat with some buddies about wives in general.

There are two school of thoughts here.

  1. One side mentioned that they would rather be married to a bimbo (my words actually), defined as someone less smart who will presumedly give you more peace at home than an intellectual (who is smarter but presumedly more prone to arguing with you about everything under the sun.)
  2. The other side mentioned that they would be unhappy if not married to an intellectual for lack of stimulating conversation at home.
Hmmm... men! Wants to have the best of everything don't they. Want to have stimulating conversation and at the same time wants some peaceful pampering by the less smart woman. Hmmm... food for thought. food for thought. I forgot to ask Mr MG which he thought I was. I would imagine I'm an intellectual disguised/pretending to be a bimbo. :PpP (Although some of the men defined an intellectual as a Phd Holder.) Well, I'm no Phd Holder but who says only a Phd Holder can be an intellectual right?


  1. of coz marry Bimbo lah...
    Bimbo can learn to become intellectual (albeit very slowly) but intellectual cannot become a bimbo without getting all the fake and expensive surgeries... LOL!

  2. but then, if marry bimbo, scared the men become bimbo, coz the wife so bimbo ;)

    too bimbo also i think the men cannot stand, they will get fed-up!

  3. haha...they are so demanding hor? Wants us to look good at the rite time and wants us to pretend stupid at the rite time. It takes time to master the skill man!

  4. egghead, I'm gonna email your comment to J and see if that gets you into trouble. Hehehe. (Just kidding.)

    geetha, too bimbo oso kenot, too intellectual oso kenot!

    allyfeel, lol. Yes. It definitely takes time to master the skill. Pssttt.... and if you don't master it well hor, afterwards your man go outside to look for the missing part (be it the missing bimbo/missing intellectual part) kekekeke.

  5. Yay! MG is back! Missed your blog.

    Of course marry bimbo la. What for need so much brain? It can boost the man's ego. 'Cos anyway, I don't think I want to be married to a man dumber than me.

  6. We intelligent women always pretend to be bimbos before we got married, and once we got married, our intellectual self will surfaced.


  7. intellectual women also have to sometimes pretend to be bodoh a bit. aiya, male ego...

  8. i guess most man will choose to married a intellectual one and keep a bimbo as their mistress. and only woman who is dumb enuf would agree to become someone's mistress.

  9. 5Xmom, Ya hor, no need so much brain....

    zara's mama, sometimes still have to pretend after married. kekekeke.

    king's wife, wah... so many intellectual women here.... so far no one claim to be bimbo pretending to be intellectual. Looks like women oso very ego then. Hahaha.

    shiaulin, me thinks sometimes it works the other way around as well.

  10. interesting...
    need to be smart enough to pretend to be bimbo, but...
    need to be bimbo to become smarter.

    so much thinking will spoil the relationship, so I will rather be a bimbo than smart, but now I am far to late for stay bimbo, no choice but to getting smarter to pretend bimbo.

    so I am happy to be a smart bimbo.

  11. Hi there smart bimbo. Thanks for dropping by. Hehehe.

  12. My hubby couldn't bothered about this. I am more educated than him but he earns more that me.Hehe


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