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Friday, December 02, 2005

Weight Loss Diary

On Oct 3, two months ago, I blogged about my new resolution to lose weight and keep fit. Here's my update. Ahem! Ahem! So far I've lost ******drumroll******* 2kg! (or about 5 pounds) Chey!!!! Only 2 kg? Thats only 1 kg a month. Yup thats right! And its mighty hard work too! At this rate it'll take me another 10 months to lose that extra 20 pounds. Boo Hoo Hoo! No Cheongsum for Chinese New Year. Oh well, I am able to fit into smaller clothes now and family has begun to notice the small changes. Thats a start.

I've been a good girl. I exercise daily (or almost daily), am mindful of my food intake which leaves my poor tummy rumbling quite often (when it rumbles, I have to be mindful and take a small piece of something and a drink as I have to be sensible whilst breastfeeding).

I still indulge everynow and then in foods that I like but in smaller portions instead. Hey! Must still enjoy mah. Total denial is bad.

Phew! Such hard work. Nevermind, I have a smaller base to lose from now. I shall perservere and hopefully continue to write further weight loss updates.


  1. i'm dieting too but there are keys to lose weight properly without starving yourself. maybe i can share with you on my experience. i've lost 8kg in 1 month.

    1. reduce carbohyrate food. e.g. rice!
    2. drink alot alot alot of water
    3. eat 5-6 meals a day whereby each meal only a small portion e.g. few pieces of chicken breast with vege (no oil). the key here is do not starve! the more you starve yourself, you gonna get fatter.
    4. exercise like u used to.
    5. indulge yourself with good food e.g. pizza, mcD, cheese baked rice. ONE MEAL a week ONLY. repeat after me, ONE MEAL ONLY.

  2. congrats on the 2kg weight loss, good on you, it's a start mah...

    as you go along maybe you loose more faster coz your tummy tangki will shrink?? hehehe

  3. eat now... worry later :P

  4. you a lot better then me, I bought a "run 3 miles" VCD, and run for 9 miles in 6 days, I declared a month of rest liao.

  5. Hey MG u r doing just great as u shd not lose too much weight in a short time (it took me 1.5 yrs to reach my goal). Remember don't starve urself since u r bf-whenever hungry eat but EAT HEALTHY SNACK (LOW FAT YOGHURT, FRUITS, ETC). Oh ya, u may not be losing much weight in terms of weight but may be losing in inches-so measuring ur body parts is a good way of knowing that u r still losing weight instead of just relying on the weighing machine. Walking is a gr8 way to lose weight. So keep up the good waork & here's to a healthier you!

  6. wah, at least you got the will power to eat small portions. Me..eat first, exercise later. how much more u want to lose?

    true secrets, 8kg in a month? tht's an amazing feat!

  7. Congrats MG for your 2KG! And keep it up!

    My resolution is secretly on too, hope to see the result before the Chinese New Year! :P

  8. true secret, thanks for sharing your experience.... you must have great will power!

    sue, tummy tangki is definitely the right description :(

    egghead, don't tempt me!

    maria, lol, rest one month than continue loh.

    a&a'smom, thanks for the encouragement. I always think of you when the going gets tough. :) (Sikit sikit lama lama kurangkan bukit yah?)

    king's wife, I have 15-20 pounds of excess fat to lose.

    jefferene, add oil, add oil... for both of us. :)

  9. wahh..congrats...2kg is not easy lehh...keep it up!!!

  10. congrats...i wonder when i can post mine...am slagging with the excersice lately...*blush*

  11. Wuah....you are my inspiration. I recently had to stop doing the exercises (on those outdoor gym equipment) since my toddler can ride a bicycle! I had to chase him (not much) all over the park. I prefer the serenity of actually doing exercise instead of the stress of keeping him from falling off. Ok, that's an excuse. Going to start again tomorrow.

  12. You got a spam!
    BTW, congrat! 2kgs also meant something. I'm happily pregnant so don't have to think about dieting until a few months later!!!

  13. Keep it up! I started walking a few weeks ago. Now it rains a lot (even in the morning) so the devil really has got to me -- giving excuses not to go for my walks. I am secretly hoping I'll get pregnant. That way I will have a very valid excuse for putting on weight. Hehehehe.

  14. MG, way to go babe. I am so proud of you! Losing 2kg is not easy OK! Even trying to lose 1kg without putting it back on is such a tough mission to begin with. So you are really admirable. GO GO GO MG!!! Take it slow and steady, that way you won't put the weight back on so easily. You have my full support.

  15. Jazzmint, thanks! :)

    miche, you don't look like you need to lose any further weight lah.

    5Xmom, So... have you started?

    shoppingmum, I'm happy to hear that.

    lian, thats the best excuse we women have. heheh.

    jomel, thanks for the encouragement.

  16. MG, go for a bigger Cheong Sum mah. CNY, no CS, no mood le.

    2 kg is also good for a bf mom. Bravo!

    true secrets' secret also very magical hor.

  17. congrats. Keep up the good work. Exercise more and cut down ur food intake.

  18. Learn how to Lose weight fast - http://www.relativesites.com/2007/04/lose-weight-fast.html


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