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Monday, December 19, 2005

"Mummy, why daddy beat you?"

One night I was reading with my girl about a story of a girl making a wish upon a star....

My Girl: Mummy, what do you wish for?

MG: Well, I wish that you and baby will be good always.

My Girl: What else do you wish for?

MG: I wish that we will always be one happy family.

My Girl: What else do you wish for?

MG: I wish that daddy will always love mummy as much as mummy loves daddy.

My Girl: But why did daddy beat mummy?

MG: Huh?

My Girl: Why did daddy beat mummy in the kitchen? (Hahaha. She must be referring to the time when Mr MG came and playfully smacked MG's bottom in the kitchen.)

MG: No. Daddy was not beating mummy... Daddy pat pat only.

My Girl: Then why mummy say Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

MG: ----------------

Moral of the story: Be careful what you say and do around little ones whose minds are always working and learning. Hehehe.


  1. Hahahahha! Witty and cute, your girl is...! So does Mr. MG. LOL!

    Should be very careful hor, especially at night. *coughs*

  2. hahaha...yah...have to becareful, they learn too fast.

    hey, I just finish my "Wish upon a star" tag post, you kena tag leh.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Jason, at night only meh? *cough cough* hahaha.

    Maria, Yee? But this post already about Wishes too. So can pass ar... :P

  5. wah! very clever and observant leh!
    be very careful of what you do in the bedroom leh... LOL!

  6. kekeke..must tell ur girl, beat means love (in mandarin) hehe

  7. haha, your girl so cute!
    My girl too will ask y daddy beat me if she happen to see daddy smack my bottom..

  8. hahah...what a naughty daddy smacking on mommy's bottom. So lovey dovey one arr ur love gesture?

    NVM, they will grow up to know that they hv such sweet parents. :)

  9. Sooo sweet. Kids will soon learn ur loving gestures and appreciate it.

    Now, when my sons sees daddy showing any loving gestures, he too will follow suit... Nice eh.
    One, is b'coz he is loving, but he is also jealous!Hehehe.

    But, pretty dangerous when they learn to speak. Once, my niece came and told me that daddy kissed mummy, while on the way to our house.. Ooops!

  10. better watch out wat u r doing in front of the kids or they'll spread the news everywhere.

  11. egghead, you better be careful too. Heh heh.

    jazzmint, yah hor.

    jesslyn, to them, they get beat when naughty, so if kena beat, its a bad thing. haha.

    allyfeel, its a male thing, smacking bottoms. haha. can you imagine us (wives) smacking their (husbands) bottoms? ;)

    geetha, he follows huh. just you wait. one day you kena smack on the bottom by your son. lol.

    sabrina, aiyoyo. true. true.

    a&a's mom, :)

  12. haha..she so cute. Yes!!they learn very fast, and follow as well.

  13. hahah yea....they can easily misinteprete things...

  14. haha.. moral of the story is.. no flirting in front of the kids. :P


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