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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Balik from Balik Kampung


"Car! Car!"

"The wheels of the car go round and round, round and round.........."

"Lets play the colour game. Can you see a red car? Can you see a blue car?"

"Which biscuit you want to eat? The rabbit one or the butterfly one?"

"You want to eat some oranges? Mummy peel for you."

"Here! Here's a pen and paper. Draw something....anything."

"C'mon..... stop pushing baby!"

"C'mon you two. Stop fighting."

"Here's a cool drink for you."

"Come. Let mummy wipe your face and neck with this cool towel. You'll feel better."

"Time for a pamper change. Hmm... after that no need to wear your jeans already lah. Its soooo hot."

"Oh, look there's the sunset. Isn't it beautiful? Got pink, orange, blue......"

"Mummy.... why is it dark dark already?"

"Twinkle, twinkle little star......"

"Car! Car!" (Thats baby's second word after "Star", his first.)

And that..... was how we survived a 7 hour balik from balik kampung journey starting at 2pm after lunch and arriving home after 9pm without even stopping for dinner. Only a short stop for toilet break which felt like there was some bazzaar or funfare going on at the rest area the way it was buzzing with people and activities! The kids have been surprisingly good being confined for so many hours in a car.


  1. cannot imagine the seven gruelsome hours wor!
    luckily my son sleeps 99% of the time while he is traveling on the highway... we usually travel at night or early morning so that the weather is cooling :)

  2. Wow, seven hours on the car! So good ah your children sitting throu' the journey.

  3. tiring huh? For the mummy? And the driver thought he has a tough job.

    We went for a holidays to Terenganu coast and it was the same # of hours to drive.

    By the time you reach the destination, you just want to plonk down and sleep. :P


  4. egghead, the journey there took just 3 1/2 hours leaving at 6am and arriving at 10.30am was a lot easier on the kids... and the parents too! hehehe. but coming back was a different story lor.

    contented mum, yah, I oso surprised!

    zara'a mama, gongxi, gongxi, actually this time becos of the bad jam coming home, it was a lot harder on the driver wor...

  5. That long journey? Your hubby's driving all the way ah? He must be really tired then. Luckily your kids behaved very well, and didn't complain much...


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