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Monday, February 13, 2006

I can sing before I can talk

My Boy has added some new words to his vocabulary in the following order (I think!):

  1. Star
  2. Car
  3. Bark. Bark. ("Dog")
  4. Chea Chea ("Elder Sister")
  5. Up! ("Carry me please!")
  6. Thow! ("Throw!" as in his and his sisters favourite game ie throwing everything they can get their little hands on)

Though his vocab is still quite limited, he can sing! It is simply amazing! Some of the songs I've heard him "singing" include:

  1. Barney's "I Love You"
  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  3. The Wheels On The Bus
  4. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  5. London Bridge is Falling Down
  6. Pop Goes The Weasel

Hahaha. Hey! He can sing as many songs as he can speak! He sounds absolutely adorable when he "sings" in his babble. He would go "Eee Ahh Eee..... Ahh.... Eee....Ahhh..Woh....Ohhh....Eeee" or something like that but he'd get the tune right and I'd know which song he was "singing". Amazing!


  1. my son also pick up singing faster than talking... I guess is normal :)

  2. Singing(music) more easy to express feeling than talking.

    enjoy this stage, I found when the toddler reach three (like my girls), started to know about shy, and hardly sing in front of us anymore :(.

  3. Yiyi also very good in singing. I thnk toddlers are attracted to tunes. I think they learn faster also thru songs.

  4. Record record record! Play it for us!

    hahaha, tell you hor, my toddler stucked in the midst of Thaipusam and suddenly he sing 'Hallelujah!'. Adoi, talk about bad timing.

  5. hahaha.
    u shld record the singing and make it as a podcast!
    they'll be SO adorable =)

  6. I loves to listen to toddler singing too! My girl can't sing yet.

  7. egghead, but my hubby can't sing you see so I was pleasantly surprised that my boy could even before he could talk. lol.

    maria, not unless you sing along with them loh.

    papi, yah. they learn fast through songs and rhymes and enjoy it too.

    5xmom, I don't have any means to record it. Can you imagine that! BTW, when I go to your blog, I like to refresh and refresh the page again to look at the lovely pics you have at the top. Hahaha.

    cheng sim, ya lor!

    jefferene, I especially love the "clean up" song which I forgot to add in my blog. He would go "keen up..keep up" while keeping all his blocks back into the jar. Now I just lurve that song!

  8. they are so adorable at this age.
    Iused to record my daughter's singing. When we get a chance to listen to it, we'll be roaring with laughter!
    The words that they make up are hilarious!

  9. Only a mom has that special interpretive gift to know what songs their toddlers are singing even when they can't really talk yet. Hehehe. I would say this is the cutest stage of a child's life. I too love the clean up song. It does work most of the time.

  10. king's wife, I wish I had a tape recorder somewhere... :(

    lian, yah its the cutest stage alright. And yes, only I can interpret for hubby cannot sing. Hehehe.


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