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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Are Firstborns Smarter?

I read the following article recently.

Firstborns found to have higher intelligence - A study of 240,000 Norwegian men says eldest children have IQs 2 to 3 points greater than younger siblings'. Wading into an age-old debate, researchers have found that firstborn children are smarter than their siblings — and the reason is not genetics, but the way their parents treat them, according to a study published today. The complete article can be viewed at latimes.com

Thats very interesting indeed. I'm not sure how true the research is but one thing is true. Its true that we do treat the firstborn differently. Not because we love the secondborn less but because of time constraints. We try our best but somehow the firstborn had more attention from us than the second in terms of everything.

She had more attention from us in watching out for her developmental firsts. She had more attention in reading to and with her, playing with and teaching her. We try out best with the secondborn but somehow time always got in the way.

Hmmm.. this reminds me to pay more attention to the second and teach him more.


  1. It's true lo. Me too feel the same way, due to the time contraints.

  2. er...not really lar...Earthtone is the 3rd among the sibling, but she more like the dai-ga-jie to all of us.

    so I guess this theory not apply in my family.

  3. maybe parents gave more attention to the first one?

  4. moo mommy,
    Yes, we need more time!

    Oh where have you been twinsmom, twinsmom? Haha. Earthtone is like tai ga chie eh? Hmm... Interesting.

    mummy to qiqi,
    Aha! You haven't been reading. Thats what the excerpt from the article says. Lol!

  5. Firstborns get the best and worst of the deal from inexperienced moms. I find the lastborn is the one who really gets the most laughs!

  6. anak merdeka,
    Lastborns get the best and worst deal too. I'm the last out of 5. When I was young I was told to shut up by everyone else because I was too young to join in everyone's games. Now that we're in our 40s the rest of the siblings pamper me. Hahaha.

  7. My youngest son will certainly agree with you about the "shut up" part! lol!! But he gets the most pampering from mom who wants to savour her last baby to the max. :-D


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