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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Messenger

Sometimes, not only do we pass the buck, we also treat the little one as a messenger.

MG: Can you go and tell your daddy blah blah blah?

My Girl: Ok Mummy.

Mr MG: Can you go and ask your mummy if blah blah blah?

My Girl: Ok Daddy.

Or worse still when we get mad at each other then we may use the little one as an intermediary.

MG/Mr MG: Go and tell your daddy/mummy that blah blah blah

Having kids is so much fun. Sometimes when we get mad at each other, the kids make us smile and make up again. However, sometimes we also argue about the kids too. Now, isn't that fun? Lol! Life certainly isn't boring with the kids around!


  1. Children are innocent and they lack pretense.With children around, u become a children too like them .Thats why u would feel happy and carefree while playing with them.

  2. sometimes me and hubby also do this to our gal. And u know what, when i ask qiqi to get her father to shower, qiqi will never gif up asking her father to move, haha...very effective!!

  3. i used to be the middle person. Its no fun lor. esp when my parents argue. But i'm also the reason why they bond back. hahahaha

  4. laura,
    Its really fun to be a kid again.

    mummy to qiqi,
    Hahaha. Thats a good trick!

    Oh you still remember that ah. I kenot remember all that liao.

  5. i like the part when they lectured us instead! like what happened to me yesterday. :)

  6. ya..if no kid, sure i won't take my initiative to talk to my hubby if he make me mad

  7. oh..ya..

    come and visit my new home :


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