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Friday, June 29, 2007

Food Art for Young Kids

Vegetables have interesting shapes and they double up as natural "rubber stamps" during arts and craft sessions with the kids. (They're cheaper too compared to the store bought ones. Lol!)

We got some lotus roots, ladies fingers and potatoes for our craft. The potatoes need to be carved a little.

Here's my boy's batik with a little help from me. The lotus roots and potato carvings didn't turn out that nice because I didn't cut them evenly enough but the ladies fingers are nice and easy to do. Just dip in paint and press onto the paper.

My girl decided to paint in some alphabets to hers.

The kids love it! Its easy and fun too! (And not very messy. If you hate mess like me.)


  1. Ooohh - so nice! Brought back fun memories for me too. :-)

  2. hey hey i saw the potato chop thinggy but where are the ladies fingers chop?

  3. wah wah..lotus root oso can chop eh :P

  4. I remember I did that lotus root a long time ago. Will have to try it with my gal! : )

  5. anak merdeka,
    Yes, it was fun to do too. :)

    Look carefully.They're all over the place, like little flowers.

    But must chop flat flat, otherwise tak cantik when stamp on paper. Haha.

    blur mommy,
    Don't forget the ladies fingers. Its easier for the little ones to handle. :)

  6. Wow..reminds me of my childhood days...used a lot of lady's fingers cos they have nice design :D

  7. mommy to chumsy,
    The lady's fingers are nice yah?


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