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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Separation Anxiety has a voice

My boy is extremely "manja", in other words, clingy! He was like that from the time he was a baby. I thought that separation anxiety was just a phase that they go through but.....

When he was a baby he used to cry whenever I was out of sight. Now that he is a toddler, he tells me,

  • "Mummy, where are you? What are you doing there?" I hear this tearful voice every morning. Either this or I hear loud cries and see a little boy looking very cross and upset with me for not being by his side.
  • "Mummy, are you downstairs/upstairs? I want to go too. Or else I can't see you. I will be sad." then he puts on his sad little face
  • "Mummy, I wanna hug hug you. Little while only/long time. I wanna hug hug you because I love you." This is very touching actually. He would be very happy if I hug hug him all day long. Hahaha.

Now that he is older, he still cries whenever I am out of sight and he tells me that he will be sad if I am out of sight. He really is a super super glue!


  1. Enjoy it.. while it last.. that's what my MIL used to tell us.. ;)

  2. Mumsgather, not sure if u have done this one. see details at: http://www.demoments.net/blog/?p=387

  3. mamabok,
    Thats true. I always try to tell myself this too. :)

    mummy to qiqi,
    I'll check it out soon as I can.


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