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Friday, June 29, 2007

Toys at the Paediatrician Clinic

I wonder why they always have toys at the Paediatrician clinic. I know its hard to keep little sick, restless, whiny, kids occupied but what about the germs? I always worry about my kids catching some germs if they play with the toys at the clinic especially if they are not sick but at the clinic for routine jabs.

I try to prevent them from playing with it but its hard. Its hard when the other kids are playing and my kid looks at me and asks me "Why can't I play?" Then I wonder how come the other parents are not worried. Most of them allow the kids to head straight for the toys.

Once a doctor even fed the kids little honey stars from a spoon. He tried to use the spoon to pour the honey stars on the children's hands but my boy tried to put the spoon in his mouth. I know the doctor was just being kind and trying to prevent my boy from crying so loudly and bringing down his clinic but I couldn't help imagining the germs that are being passed around from one kid to another through the shared food and toys.

Hmm... is it just me? From what I've observed everyone else appears rather relaxed about it.


  1. oh those dirty germy TOYS!

    I cringe everytime my lil guys touch them. What to do? When I'm out of the clinic, I wud take my wetwipes and wipe their dirty germy paws.

    At least, hopefully there won't be any transfer!

  2. Actually, I never thought of that. Got to be careful from now on.

  3. mott,
    Phew! So then I'm not the only paranoid one. Haha.

    Usually I'm the only one restraining my kids and telling them not to play. Kesian only.But if they fall sick by catching germs at the clinic, lagi kesian. (them and me.) Hehe.

  4. a&a'smom8:19 PM, June 29, 2007

    Ya, the Doc shd get everything disinfected b4 they close up the clinic. Even ther stethescope carry germs!

  5. I didnt notice about it (very careless mommy), should be more careful next time visit to clinic.
    (my pc got runtime error when i visit your other blog, so cannot comment there, dun worry not your website problem is just my pc hardware got problem).

  6. a&a's mom,
    I noticed that even those who started off with good intentions of disinfecting the toys cannot keep up with it after a while because there are too many toys and too many patients. Its just not practical.

    I noticed it because my kids fell sick AFTER a doctor visit for their regular jabs before. Lol!

  7. well, for me, i wont be bothered. as i know the moment we enter the clinic, the germs are already all over, hehe....since my kid is oredi sick, just let her enjoy la....but if i bring qiqi there for jab, then i'll try to visit at off-peak time, whereby i can just reach there, see doctor and go. but then qiqi still manage to play one la...

  8. Yah.. i hate it.. when chloe plays with the toys at the doc's office.. but what can you do right..??

  9. everytime i'm there i'll think about those healthy ones that is there for a jab and those coughing and sneezing ones, playing together. Germs being passed ard...and of coz my son wanna play and it make me feel so uneasy. so i'll just try to keep in busy and not play with the toys.

    no lah u're not paranoid. if u are. makes me yr kawan edi.

  10. I think I just close one eye...If not Jeriel will request to go home because waiting for Dr is quite time consuming

  11. mummy to qiqi,
    Sometimes its not possible to go during off peak times because of our own schedule so its hard yah?

    mama bok,
    Restraint them, have them cry and everyone staring at you. Hahaha.

    Yippee! I'm not paranoid. But we are still kawan rite?

    Wah, you are very good. I find it so hard to close one eye. Maybe I have to close both. Hehe.

  12. When they baby, I refrain them from playing by carrying them around or go to shops nearby - then come back when it's bout our time. Now big edi, I close one eye. But one thing for sure is that when they come home, I'll wash and change them immediately.
    Me also paranoid one..

  13. forgot, I also change myself...
    Am i more paranoid.

  14. Hahahhaa...I thought I'm the only one who are paranoid. I won't let Ashley touch those toys but kids are kids...she'll touch ALL of them. So what I do is either go in the morning when there aren't many people or ask my hubby to take her for a walk until it's almost her turn. p/s: I always get those wet wipes ready

  15. annie,
    Hahaha. I also do the change and wash bit as soon as we come home.

    mommy to chumsy,
    Sometimes I try the taking them for a walk too. :P

  16. If you worry about the toys, then just make sure you take along stuff to distract your kid while waiting for the doctor.

    I think most clinics would clean the toys from time to time. (at least I hope so) FWIW the germs are already there in the air so touching a few toys won't make much of a difference!

  17. dobbs,
    The germs are already in the air! Now why didn't I think of that? Hahaha.


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