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Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Routines

We have a rather odd family routine on Sundays. Our mealtimes change. We have breakfast at 10-11pm, lunch at 3-4pm and dinner at 8-9pm. Then we have ice-cream after dinner. Even if its a cold day.

I'm not much of a routine person. I am an airy head, spontaneous, impulsive person. Hubby on the other hand thrives on routine. I've come to enjoy our routines even though I'm not routine-oriented (if there's such a word. haha).

Its really nice to look back and think about the memories gone by. Routine helps the memory process. We've had our routines ever since we met more than 10 years ago and before the kids came along so we do have some moments that we can look back now and say "We used to do this...."

I wonder if the kids will remember our family routines, look back one day and say with fondness "We used to do this/go here/eat this" etc when they drive by a certain place or smell a certain food or hear a certain music.

I certainly hope they will and I hope that our family routines will help to create or make happy memories for them when they grow up.


  1. I am a routine-oriented mother! haha.

    I also wonder if my kids will rem when they grow up.

    I can rem my childhood memories as now, everything has changed as everyone leads their own life.

    That's so sad ...

  2. ling,
    Yes, we are all now busy with our own lives.

  3. hehe... ice-cream after diner.. ooo, that's something I don't mind being routine about

  4. I am a sucker for routine! I get upset when my routine is distrupted.Our yearly anniv routine is to take our family photo at the studio & hvnt missed one so far

  5. I thrive on routine..!! i need plans..! muahahha!! i go crazy.. when PB doesn't get into a routine.. ;)

  6. I absolutely love, what we call "Lazy Sunday's" and I hope my future children will love it too :D I'm not much of a routine person either but Sunday's are my routine day...if you can call a lazy day a routine.

  7. sting,
    It'll make you fat though. Hehe.

    I'm yet to take any studio family photo. Doubt if I'll ever convince hubby to go take one. Haha.

    mama bok,
    Haha and is PB the routine kind?

    Oh yes. Lazy days are a routine in itself. :)

  8. Unfortunately he isn't..! he HAS NO PLANS..!! that's his routine.. muahhaha!!

  9. mama bok,
    Haha. I guess that could be considered a routine. ;)


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