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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Talking about love is much easier than talking about death

Mummy why did he die?

When people die do they fly up in the sky?

When people die, they can't sing/talk/eat/dance anymore?

When people reach 100 years old they reach up to the roof of the house, then they have to fly up in the sky, so they die?

When people die then we can't see them anymore?

Will you and daddy die first because you are old?

Theres no doubt about it. Talking about love is certainly a lot easier than talking about death and dying to a young inquistive child.


  1. I also have problem to explain about it also...especially when we tell him YehYeh already dead..He asked why ?

  2. There is nothing more heartbreaking than talking about death with a child. There are a lot of great books that help but none of them ease the heartache of actually having to explain as a parent.

  3. chanelwong,
    Yes, its hard to answer the question why.

    All the books in the world about the subject doesn't make it any easier to explain.

  4. ai..so hard la the questions. How u answer them ah?

    eh i baru checked myreal rank sudah berubah again. like dat also can.

  5. sasha,
    Why you think I didn't post the answers?

    The rank changed because its another day adi at 3P time.


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