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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More Lessons About Love

My Girl: Mummy, I spill the water, you scold me, but you still love me?

MG: Yes, I still love you.

My Girl: But I spill the water, why you still love me?

MG: Well, you spilt the water because you were not careful, thats why I scolded you.

My Girl: Hehe. Because I play play.

MG: Yes, thats why I scolded you but that does not affect the love I feel for you.

My Girl: What is affect?

MG: Affect means Change. It means that spilling water is one thing but it does not change my love for you.

My Girl: Mummy, what is love?

MG: Love is a feeling. Like when mummy looks at you and baby, mummy feels very happy because mummy loves you both very much.

My Girl: Mummy, you love baby because he's cute? Look at him. He is so cute.

MG: Yes, he's cute but even if he's not, I would still love him.

My Girl: Like daddy?

MG: Hahaha. Yes, like daddy.

My Girl: Hahahaha.

Well, I don't know if these lessons on love and loving helps or not but one thing I do know, my daughter does not think her father is cute. Lol!

Another time she said this...

My Girl: When I fall down mummy and daddy loves me more because I pain.

MG: Oh No, No, We don't love you more when you fall down. Because we love you, we show you our love when you are in pain, understand or not. (My goodness, I certainly hope she did. I wouldn't want her to hurt herself just to get mummy and daddy's love!!!)


  1. Not easy to explain that Love is uncondition to small kid because for them as simple as just love...

  2. haha love .. my girl will go like "blah blah blah blah becos mommy loves me yea".

  3. hehehe...that's a good explanation :D Thanks for sharing ;D

  4. I think this is the Mummy Love for their kid. Thanks for sharing.

  5. hahahahaha "Like daddy?" hehehe Oh the things they say. :)

  6. chanel,
    No need to explain. Just give them more hugs.

    Haha. Does she think she can get away with mischief becos mummy loves her? Mine sometimes does.

    mommy to chumsy,
    Anytime :)

    Haha. They really do say the funniest things that crack us up and the oddest of moments.

  7. the one about daddy not being cute is so universal. ha ha. All little girls think their mommy is pretty and their daddy not.


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