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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What is Love?

My boy's definition of love

My boy: I lurve you.

MG: I love you too!

My boy: What about cheh cheh (sister). You love cheh cheh too?

MG: Yes, I love cheh cheh too.

My boy: And daddy?

MG: Yes, I love daddy too.

My boy: And kong kong?

MG: Yes, I love kong kong too.

It was at the tip of my tongue to add "Because we are family" at the end of my sentence when my boy finished the sentence for me...

My boy: Because you walk slowly with kong kong.

:) The observant little one had noticed that whenever we took kong kong out together with us on an outing I would slow down my pace and walk slowly together with kong kong who walks much slower than us and to him THAT IS LOVE! Love is simple. Love is kind. Love is all around us.

My girl's definition of love

We were doing some lessons together in her workbook. When we reach the assessment part, I told her that she should try to do it on her own without my guide. "This is a test to see how much you have learned, I told her."

My Girl: Ok, Mummy. Mummy, if I do it simply or wrong will you still love me?

MG: Of course I will love you, you know that Mummy loves you no matter what.

Love is so simple to the kids and indeed it is simple. To them it is a matter of how much time I spend with them etc. It is no wonder that they always get so upset whenever I get impatient and don't wait for them to finish brushing their teeth or eating and walk away. They must see that act of impatience or walking away as "You don't love me....."


  1. Kids are so innocent, arent they? :)

  2. That's why I find that we parents do cultivate patience as we bring up our kids. Thanks for the wonderful reminder.

  3. ling,
    We have lots to learn from them.

    giddy tiger,
    One of the things we have to learn from the kids is PATIENCE!! Haha.

  4. Kids are very pure and clean...
    Instead..of we teaching them, they actually teach us adult a lot of things...

  5. his view of love is well interpreted. very heart warming.

  6. kids are adorable...that's y when they say love, it so sweet and warm..

    btw, a tag for u at http://lovelymummy.blogspot.com/2007/11/crazy-8.html

  7. If only the entire population of the world could see things as simply as children do it would be a much sweeter place to live :)

  8. chanelwong,
    Yes, I am learning from them all the time.

    I wait for kong kong means love. In that case if I don't wait for him to wear his shoes means don't love. Hahaha.

    lovely mummy,
    Thanks for the tag. I just got another one on my other blog. *Pengsan*

    Yes, it would indeed.


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