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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Balloon Sculpturing Fun

My kids were impressed and happy with the balloon sculture a clown gave them. So kiasu mum here went out and bought a balloon sculpture kit in a can. It comes with balloons, a pump and a step-by-step instruction book on how to create balloon sculpture animals.

The first balloon animal I tried to create BURST! Haha. The second balloon sculpture looked like a poodle although it was supposed to be a mouse. Haha. Finally, the third balloon sculpture turned out beautifully. It looked like the giraffe that it was supposed to be. We're eager to try out the rest.

I think I can be a clown now. Anybody wants to hire me? Pictures for my portfolio is included below. Hahaha!

This is the second attempt. The mouse which looks like a poodle with two legs.

This is the third attempt. A perfect blue giraffe. Lol!

My later attempts were a bit more ambitious. Lol! Here's a pirate sword balloon and a balloon flower made with 3 different colors. I got the instructions for those from YouTube. Its easy to find step-by-step instructions for balloon sculturing at YouTube. Just search for balloon "flower", "dog", "sword" etc.

Psst. This balloon sculpture craft is a fun craft to do for the holidays or during birthdays and other party or celebrations. Older kids can learn to do it on their own.

This post is written by MG of Parenting Times. If you see it anywhere else. Its been stolen.


  1. I LOVE balloon sculptures but i've always been afraid to do it myself in case I pop the balloons lol

  2. Must be fun to learn and to show off your skills afterwards. Bet you'll be very popular with the kids during parties if you can do this! :)

  3. kidazy,
    Haha. Yes, I was very afraid of balloon popping but after a few tries and a few pops not so scared anymore. Lol!

    tot's mom,
    Yes, its really fun to learn and its surprisingly easy!

  4. Isn't it strange how we get scared of popping balloons when we know perfectly well it doesn't hurt us?? :D

    So far I've only learned the poodle. Thanks for the tips! My boy has been bugging me to buy him a sword. I think a balloon sword is very appropriate since he will only play with it for a while! And it's harmless too. :)

  5. Can share a picture or two, the toolkit that you bought? Where can you find them? Good idea to make them for the kids ourselves huh!

  6. BTW, MG, I can't help but nominated your blog for the blogger's choice award. Why don't you promote them for more votes in your blogs?


  7. bengbeng,
    Not creative at all. Just follow instructions that is all. Haha.

    You can easily find the sword instructions on the internet or video instructions on YouTube. :)

    I'll share the pic when I have the time but you can probally make it a lot cheaper by buying the balloons and a pump at any bakery or cake shop and then follow the instructions which you can easily find on the web or on YouTube.

    Thanks so much for the nomination. I think I have to vote for myself in order to get more votes! Hahaha.

  8. huh?! buying pumps from cake/bakery? Do they sell it? for how much?

  9. Whoa, you are really good in this. I tried sculpturing the balloons for my gals too but they burst.... and I just hate the sound of the rubber twisting on my fingers...so geli...

  10. a balloon kit is a good investment. My husband got one for Kimberly 6 years ago,and we are still using the same pump and booklet for Ashley. Just that we have to buy those string balloons off the shelves since we ran out every now and then.


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